Liberals Force Neighbors To Remove Pro-Cop Yard Signs, Wake To Find Something Even Better

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When a Florida Homeowners’ Association told residents to remove pro-police yard signs or suffer ridiculous fines, they thought they had successfully silenced the cop-supporting locals. However, soon after sending the threatening letters to dozens of residents, the offended liberal neighbors woke to find something even better.

Liberals Force Neighbors To Remove Pro-Cop Yard Signs, Wake To Find Something Even Better
When Bryan Burgess (center) and dozens of other residents received letters demanding the removal of “Back the Blue” yard signs, the pro-police homeowners had a brilliant response. (Photo Credit: Screenshot/WOFL Fox 35)

Despite the fact that police officers lay their lives on the line daily to protect civilians, the left continues to promote anti-law enforcement propaganda that has many convinced that if they do not oppose these first responders, they must harbor racist beliefs. Thanks to the left’s racial division and fear-mongering, officers are being ambushed and brutally slaughtered for simply putting on the badge.

Two of these slain heroes are Matthew Baxter and Sgt. Richard “Sam” Howard, Kissimmee police officers who were murdered in August 2017. However, when residents in a St. Cloud suburb decided to subtly honor the memory of these officers by placing “Back the Blue” signs on their lawns, their intolerant liberal neighbors were expectedly offended. After complaining to the Stevens Plantation Residential Owner’s Association, these residents received letters warning that they must get rid of the signs or face hefty fines. What these police-backing citizens decided to do instead sent a blunt message to offended local liberals.

WOFL Fox 35 reports that instead of simply removing the yard signs, residents have unhesitantly announced they will keep them up while others are transferring the posters to be displayed even higher up in their windows. Not only are residents finding loopholes in order to keep up the signs or refusing to even move them, others vow to fight the senseless regulation at the next HOA meeting.

Resident Bryan Burgess, who has promised to keep the yard sign where it stands, told the media that he won’t be intimidated by those offended by a simple piece of posterboard. He has joined multiple residents who say that they are going to challenge the decision during the gathering.

“We support the ‘blue,’ we back them, so we like to show that,” said Burgess. “We’re showing support for our local law enforcement, two have lost their lives in the line of duty, I don’t think there’s an issue with it. It’s frustrating, it’s not uglying up the house, I mean it’s just a sign. I plan on it staying there until I can go to the community meeting and talk to them about it.”

Likewise, Janet Van Kirk, who has also displayed the sign since August, stated that she won’t remove the sign and is willing to fight the frivolous violation at the meeting, according to ClickOrlando.

“Why would this make a difference?” Van Kirk said. “(It’s) just a sign that says ‘Back the Blue.’ All I’m trying to do is back the law enforcement officers, (who) serve and protect our community. It’s not like it’s controversial. It’s not like it’s a hate group. Why does this make a difference on my property values? It’s just disappointment because it’s not like it’s hurting anybody. I just want to show my support that’s all. I just want to say thank you. It’s just about being supportive, of those that put their live on the line every day to protect me and my family.”

Van Kirk expressed her willingness to compromise with her neighbors at the HOA meeting if the majority are in agreement with the removal of the signs. However, it’s likely that the complaints came from a select few or, perhaps, just one offended resident.

“If we can’t make some compromise with the home association, (in) going to the meeting and coming up with something, then I’ll remove (the sign) at that point. But I’ll leave it up till then,” added Van Kirk.

Incredibly, the violation HOA claims the dozens of pro-police homeowners have made is only meant to protect properties from changes that would decrease the value of each home, which the small yard signs don’t do.

The HOA did not return FOX 35’s calls for comment, but in the letter, they state, “the primary purpose of a community association is to maintain and increase the value of each owner’s property, it is not the desire of the board of directors to impose hardship.”

Disturbingly, at least one resident agreed with the HOA, arguing that citizens should “obey the rules” without question simply because they are the rules.

“When is enough enough?” one man asked. “You just have to obey the rules and that’s it. I think the signs should not be there and (should) come down.”

Of course, countless Americans have expressed support for the defiant pro-law enforcement residents, suggesting that the community should stop paying the HOA to dictate what homeowners can and cannot do on their own property.

“HOA’s are little Nazi communities. Never would i pay a monthly fee for someone to tell me what I can or cannot do on MY PROPERTY…NEVER.”

“This is more of an HOA issue than a blue issue. I will NEVER live in an HOA neighborhood. It’s like a few people get a tiny bit of power and BAM! instanazi! Put the sign in the biggest front window you have. Thank you for supporting the blue!”

“When it violates rules to show respect to those who lost their lives protecting you & yours, it is time to change the rules & change the head of that HOA.”

While the HOA is notorious for overreach and political bias, the most disturbing aspect is that showing respect and gratitude for the men and women who risk life and limb to make our communities safer is becoming increasingly taboo. Bravo to these residents who have refused to allow a tyrannical ruling body to control their support for law enforcement officials.

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