After Liberals Say POTUS ‘Ruined Christmas’ For Girl, Parents Silence Trump-Haters

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An unexpected phone conversation between President Donald Trump and a 7-year-old girl on Christmas Eve left Democrats claiming that POTUS had ruined her entire holiday. However, the little girl’s parents have since spoken out, silencing Trump-haters everywhere.

Collman Lloyd (left), President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump take phone calls from children as they participates in tracking Santa Claus’ movements with the North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa Tracker on Christmas Eve in the East Room of the White House (right) (Photo Credit: Erica Lloyd via BuzzFeed News, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images)

Every year, the president and first lady sit down on Christmas Eve to answer calls from children on the NORAD Santa tracker. This year, in keeping with tradition, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump took time out of their evening on Monday to connect with kids from across the nation who were monitoring Saint Nick’s annual trek to deliver presents. One of those youngsters was 7-year-old Collman Lloyd from Lexington, South Carolina.

As anyone could imagine, speaking with the president on Christmas Eve would be the memory of a lifetime. But, thanks to a mainstream media and Democratic Party intent on politicizing literally everything and attacking Trump at every turn, Collman’s call with Santa went viral for all the wrong reasons after footage of her conversation with the president was posted online.

Collman’s parents Erica and Donald said that they were “in shock” that their daughter even got connected to the president on the NORAD line in the first place, explaining that they thought it would be a “recorded message.”

“He said, ‘Happy Christmas … It was great speaking to you, Collman … Please tell [your family] I wish them a happy Christmas,'” Erica recalled.

But it was another part of Trump’s brief chat with the 7-year-old which caused some to balk: Trump asked the girl if she still believes in Santa and then, in his typical humor, added, “At 7 it’s marginal, right?”

“Hello, is this Collman? Merry Christmas. How are you? How old are you … Are you doing well in school? Are you still a believer in Santa?” Trump asked, waiting for Collman to reply. “Cause at 7, it’s marginal right?” he quipped. It wasn’t long before internet users with no sense of humor latched onto the joke and suggested that the president had ruined the magic of Christmas for the young girl by suggesting that Santa Claus is not real.

However, Collman’s own parents had a very different reaction to their little girl’s phone call with the president, insisting that Trump did not ruin the magic of Christmas for her at all, and lamenting that the whole ordeal got politicized.

The parents of Collman Lloyd — the 7-year-old girl from Lexington, South Carolina, whose phone call with President Trump on Christmas Eve went viral after he asked her if she still believes in Santa Claus and then said, “At 7 it’s marginal, right?” — said they have no issue with how Trump spoke to their daughter. 

In fact, dad Donald J. Lloyd, 40 (who, as it happens, shares a first name and middle initial with the president), told BuzzFeed News he would have used similar language with his daughter, and that he thinks the remark is being blown out of proportion and unfairly politicized. [Source: BuzzFeed News]

“I think it’s crazy it became a big deal. It’s Christmastime. I’d love to keep politics out of Christmas,” Donald Lloyd said. “It didn’t bother me — I like to talk to my kids like adults.”

“I’m a teacher. I’m OK with the vocabulary,” Erica Lloyd added. “He was very kind. I was very impressed with the phone call.”

As for Trump’s comments about belief in Santa being “marginal,” Collman had no idea what the president even meant and said that she still believes in Santa. “It made [Collman’s] Christmas,” Erica asserted about the call.

Of course, the political left would love nothing more than to be able to say that Donald Trump ruined Christmas for a sweet, unsuspecting 7-year-old girl. Unfortunately for them and their narrative, however, that isn’t what happened. Not according to little Collman or her parents, who will always remember fondly the Christmas Eve when she was connected with the president to track Santa.

The leftist media should leave politics out of holidays like Christmas.

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