VIDEO: Liberals Asked About Socialism, Prove How Stupid They Are

Campus Reform spoke to young people in super-liberal New York about socialism. They were all-too-eager to endorse socialism and government-provided benefits, but when asked about the specifics of these ideas and how they will be paid for, their answers will surprise you.

Liberals love socialism so much they don’t even understand it! (Photo Credit: Screenshot/YouTube, Rubberducky53171/Flickr)

It’s not a surprise why (some) young Americans support socialism. These entitled children have grown up being given everything. Few of them had to work for what they have. The product of the 90’s and early 2000’s, they think they are owed something from the rest of us.

That’s why they were so eager to support Bernie Sanders in 2015/2016. He was promising young adults free college tuition. There’s one way to bamboozle college students. Why work to pay your way, when the government can just take care of it! These same people like the idea of free healthcare and universal income. Coincidentally, they’ve never held a full-time job or raised a family (or paid taxes).

Campus Reform took to the streets of New York to talk with a few liberals. These people (several whom support Democratic darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) had nothing but good things to say about socialism. When asked if the government should pay for things like healthcare and universal income, they were all on board.

But when pressed with how the government should pay for these things—and other specifics about how socialism works—they came up empty.

Not a surprise that everything that loves socialism was in their thirties or younger. Nor are they married or have children to support. Most young Americans that support socialism live in a liberal bubble. They are still supported by their parents. They don’t work full-time jobs or have the responsibilities of a spouse or parent. To them, the world runs on magic. They haven’t had to deal with those tricky things like taxes, bills, or insurance.

Americans who have a little more experience under their belt know how bad socialism is. You should work for the things you enjoy. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment when you earn a paycheck and can afford things like food, housing, and healthcare. It’s not fun—but it’s better than demanding those things from the government. Plus, if you work hard enough, you’ll have plenty more money to spend on those things—compared to what the government will give you (which is next to nothing).

These children don’t even understand how socialism works! When asked how the government is supposed to pay for free healthcare and other benefits, they come up empty. They just expect the money to be there as if a genie will just bless us with free things. They don’t understand that hard-working Americans are unjustly taxed to support freeloaders.

Even the ones who claimed socialism would work by taxing the “one percent,” they don’t understand. Under socialism, they’d be no one percent. There’d be no private wealth to tax at all. The system breaks down very quickly after you run out of other people’s money to spend. These people also don’t understand that the one percent is very good at getting out of paying taxes. The burden is then passed on to the middle-class and working-class, i.e.: the very people who voted for socialism.

We already saw socialism fail in the form of Obamacare. That disaster nearly crippled our healthcare system. Even now, we are struggling to get rid of it and give the power back to the consumer.

The reality is people who support “Democratic” socialism have no clue how it works. Or even if it works. They just swallow the propaganda spread by politicians and the media. They are too stupid and uninformed to learn the truth. These are the people voting for Democrats in New York and California, by the way.

Our only hope is by educating as many people as we can. Be sure to spread this story to everyone you know. We cannot let the ignorant ruin our country.

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