Liberals Claim “Teen Shot For No Reason,” Arkansas Cops Release Video That Shuts Them Up

A shocking video has been released by the North Little Rock Police Department in Arkansas when liberals began to scream about injustice after a teen was allegedly “shot for no reason,” according to the bleeding-heart leftists. Now, the cops have shut them up for good after the video reveals one important detail they wanted to ignore.

Screenshot from the dashcam footage (background), Charles Smith Jr. (inset) (Photo Credits: YouTube/ArkansasOnline, Facebook/Jordan J. C. Clark)

It seems every thug who ends up behind bars has one thing in common; namely, they “dindunuffin.” One 17-year-old thug, in particular, identified as Charles Smith Jr, recently had a run-in with police officers. It ended badly for him and left countless liberal-handwringers crying “police brutality.” However, now that the North Little Rock Police Department has released the dashcam footage of the fateful evening, all we can hear from the left are crickets.

According to Blue Lives Matter, the officer-involved shooting occurred on Sunday, January 7, 2018, when officers conducted a traffic stop at approximately 1 a.m. First of all, who lets their 17-year-old run around at 1 a.m. in the morning at will? In my opinion, the teen thug’s parents are partly to blame for what happened that night, but I digress.

Investigators said that Charles Smith Jr. was shot to death by officers after he decided it would be a good idea to open fire on them during the traffic stop. Immediately following the incident, a great deal of misinformation started to circulate on social media, as is usually the case in instances like this, especially when they are so quickly used by the left to demonize police officers before the whole truth gets out.

In essence, it was the “Michael Brown effect” all over again. Liberals on social media tried to claim that this poor, young, black teenager was shot down in cold blood by the cops. Rumors even spread that the teen wasn’t armed at the time cops pulled over the vehicle he was in. Luckily, the shocking video that has just been released is setting the record straight.

North Little Rock Police Department Chief Mike Davis said, “I fear that misinformation gets out that says the subject wasn’t armed, that the subject didn’t shoot.” The chief then emphasized that the rumors floating around were completely false, adding, “That is not the case.” What actually did happen according to the video was that officers noticed a vehicle with a headlight violation on the road. The vehicle was traveling at “excessive speed,” said Davis.

When the officers pulled the vehicle over, they noticed that the driver seemed nervous as if something wasn’t right. The officer, confronting the driver off-camera, asked, “You ain’t got nothing crazy on you, do you?” The driver told the officer that he didn’t have anything crazy on him, then complied with the officer’s request to pat him down.

After talking with the driver for a few moments, the officer addressed his concerns about being pulled over. “I’m just going to shoot it straight with you,” the officer finally said. “The way you were acting there, it made me feel like there’s something in that car.” The driver responded by saying, “Yeah I know.” This is when the officer directly asked the driver if he had illegal drugs in his car. “You got a little bit of weed in there or something?” the officer asked.

“No sir, no sir,” the driver replied. He then gave the officer permission to search the vehicle. Another officer asked one of the vehicle’s occupants to exit before patting him down without incident. That occupant was sent to sit on the curb beside the driver. Then, it was Smith’s turn to cooperate, but that apparently isn’t what he had in mind.

One of the officers said to Smith, “You ain’t got nothing crazy on you, do you?” to which Smith replied, “No, sir.” The officer then said, “Okay. I’m going to check real quick, alright?” The officer proceeded to pat Smith down and commented on his shoes before the conversation took a turn for the worse.

“Hey, what you doing?” the officer asked Smith. The 17-year-old then mumbled something about “weed.” The officer tried to confirm what Smith mumbled. “You got – just a little bit?” the officer asked. Police later confirmed that a small bag of marijuana was seized from Smith. In an instant, the officer could be heard telling Smith not to reach.

“Ain’t going to find nothing else in here, right?” the officer asked. “Hey – quit reaching, partner.” Seconds later, a brief rustling noise was heard on the clip.

“As officers continued to pat him down, Smith attempted to gain control of a handgun and flee, at which time he was taken to the ground,” Chief Davis said.

According to The Kansas City Star, the officer and Smith wrestled each other on the ground into the view of the camera and landed near the feet of the other two suspects who had been in the car. “Get your f*****g hand out!” an officer yelled. “It’s a f*****g gun!” The officers tried to hold Smith on the ground and tased him at least once, but it did not subdue him.

The video then shows Smith pulling a handgun and firing on the officers. Police said his shot nearly hit the two other suspects who were trying to get out of the line of fire. “Smith is then observed engaging the slide back on the gun and again firing at officers, almost striking one officer in the face,” Chief Davis said.

This is when Smith’s number was up. Three officers opened fire on the thug, hitting him multiple times. Smith reportedly died of his gunshot wounds at the scene. “No officer wants to be put in this position, but these officers were left with no other choice but to protect their lives and return fire,” Chief Davis said.

I could not agree more with the chief. His officers tried to resolve the confrontation without bringing harm to any of the suspects. The two men who cooperated peacefully with the officers weren’t hurt, and the same could have been said for Smith if he had made better choices.

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