Liberals Attack Trump’s ‘I Hear You’ Note, But Here’s One Thing He Did That They Missed

While President Donald Trump was holding a meeting with some of the survivors of the Florida school shooting, liberals spotted that he had written “I hear you” in his notes, and they immediately attacked. However, while they were busy disgracing the nation’s president, here’s the one thing they missed.

While Liberals Attack Trump’s ‘I Hear You’ Note, Here’s The One Thing He Did They Missed
The listening session (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Screengrab/YouTube, Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

During a listening session held at the White House, President Donald Trump let the students, families, and teachers from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School take center stage to express their concerns. However, during the event, Getty Images photographer Chip Somodevilla took a photo that captured a few of the President’s talking points, which he had written down on a notecard.

Like always, liberals attacked like vultures, claiming that President Trump has no real empathy because of three words they saw in his notes: “I hear you.”

There were a total of five talking points, but not all of them were entirely visible in the photos. According to Pix 11 and a little bit of research, some of the prompts included:

  • What would you most want me to know about your experience?
  • What can we do to help you feel safe?
  • Resources? Ideas?
  • I hear you.
While Liberals Attack Trump’s ‘I Hear You’ Note, Here’s The One Thing He Did They Missed
President Donald Trump’s notes (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

As soon as the anti-Trump crowd saw what he had written, they immediately began to attack him for being insensitive, even though he didn’t appear to use the visible prompts. Instead, he listened and cast a tender tone, but this only infuriated his critics even more.

“We’re fighting hard for you, and we will not stop,” Trump said. “I just grieve for you, I feel so — to me, there could be nothing worse than what you’ve gone through.” He continued, “Thank you for pouring out your hearts because the world is watching, and we’re going to come up with a solution.”

Sadly, liberals didn’t hesitate to say some nasty things to and about our current Commander-in-Chief. “At Trump’s ‘Listening Sesson’ today…. For him to have to write down ‘I hear you’ as one of his notes is kind of troubling,” one social media user wrote.

“Dotard needed notes on how to listen…. Photographers captured Trump’s notes from his gun-violence listening session. No. 5: ‘I hear you,'” another tweeted.

One Twitter user brazenly said, “President of the United States – can’t just be empathic, has to have it written down.”

One daring individual comprised another notecard for the president that read, “1-Look like you care. If it helps, think of them as teenage beauty pageants. 2-A cheeseburger and a Diet Coke await you. You can do this. 3-Pretend that you are not a sociopath.”

Personally, I don’t think the notes were there because he needed to be reminded to be empathetic. President Trump knows that these people have just been through the most tragic and horrifying incident of their lives and the last thing he wants to do is to hurt them in any way further. His emotion during the event was pure. In fact, he was only briefed moments before and he chose to have no teleprompter.

As he sat there hearing the grievances of these broken individuals, he just listened. When he did talk, “he asked those in the room what they want him to know about their experience and what they think needs to be done,” as Inquisitr reports. He was genuinely asking and gave them nothing but his respect in return.

Thankfully, several other social media users saw right through the typical liberal outrage and defended the president. “Why do they need to debate? Can’t we just have a national moment where the survivors talk and we all sit there & listen to them? Don’t they deserve that & wouldn’t we all benefit from it. Like Trump’s notes say, I hear you,” Joyce Alene tweeted.

“During Trump’s Listening Session he had a thing of notes and what he was going to ask people and of course the left is attacking him for that,” a Twitter user said. “I’m so sick of the way these gross liberals treat President Trump! They don’t give this man a break! What more do you losers want!?”

Twitter user “Dave” pointed out the obvious problem with the left’s outrage, stating, “Literally for generations we’ve watched late night hosts use these same notes, nobody ever zoomed in for a gotcha moment. The reason it’s being done now is because Trump is a threat to CNN and the #FAKENEWS #trumpnotes.”

It’s time people stop focusing on Donald Trump’s perceived faults and start using their energy to come up with a way to work together as a nation. Can you imagine the progress that could be made if the left put the energy they use to look for fake problems with Trump to actually look for solutions to real issues?

Regardless of whether they approve of what the current president is doing, he is here for several more years. Until he’s gone, it’s time we all start doing two simple things; namely, show respect for one another and make America great. And, right now, notecards are the least of our worries.

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