Liberals Are Fuming Over What Trump’s Doing With His Presidential Salary Now!

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Liberals have accused President Donald Trump of a lot of things, but one thing they can’t accuse him of is his motives for becoming President. While some former Presidents sought riches and fame, Donald Trump already had them. In fact, Trump vowed to donate his presidential salary to prove that he’s not in it for the money. He recently announced where his third-quarter salary will be going, and it’s raising more than a few eyebrows.

HHS Secretary Eric Hargan announced where Trump would be sending his paycheck to. (Photo Credit: Screenshot Youtube/Department of Energy/Flickr)

President Trump isn’t a subtle kind of guy. His boldness and unapologetic style are what made him President. He refuses to shy away from controversy if there is an important cause to fight for. And, you never have to wonder what his opinion on a matter will be.

Even in the matter of his salary, he makes a statement. Earlier in the year, he donated his salary to causes that needed attention. By shining a light on these issues, he is raising awareness for causes that would otherwise be ignored. Plus, it forces the media to talk about them. His third-quarter salary is going to a cause that he has made a major priority of his administration: fighting the opioid crisis.

President Donald Trump has donated his third-quarter presidential salary to help the Department of Health and Human Services’ efforts to combat the opioid crisis, acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan and the White House announced on Thursday.

“His decision to donate his salary is a tribute to his compassion, to his patriotism and his sense of duty to the American people,” acting HHS secretary Eric Hargan said during Thursday’s White House press briefing.

Hargan said the money will be used in the planning and design of a large-scale public awareness campaign about the dangers of opioid addiction. [Source: Fox News]

Many Americans get hooked on powerful drugs after surgeries or other medical procedures. This dependency on opioids — prescription painkillers — is devastating. They not only lose a fortune trying to buy more, but these drugs destroy their bodies, often leaving them sicker than they were before. This is not to mention how much damage their addictions cause to their families.

Few people are aware of the opioid crisis in America. So much attention is paid to alcohol and illegal narcotics. However, millions of Americans suffer due to the drugs they were lawfully given by doctors. The pharmaceutical industry is raking in trillions. So, it comes as no surprise if they want to keep the issue quiet.

Earlier in the year, President Trump signaled the beginning of the end of this crisis. He has made ending wide-scare opioid addiction in America a thing of the past. And, it looks like he’s tackling this issue with the same tenacity, determination, and commitment with which he’s tackled everything else.

Donating his salary to the HHS is a masterstroke. It provides them with much-needed funds. Plus the highly-visible act will draw more attention to the crisis. More people will be talking about the issue. It will stimulate conversation and get momentum moving. This will inspire other leaders to act. Either they will donate to help fight opioid addiction, or they will use their platforms to raise awareness.

“HHS is proud to be working with the White House on this effort, and our team of public health experts brings a great deal of experience and expertise to the table regarding how to make these campaigns effective,” Hargan said. “At HHS, our goal is to create healthier lives, stronger communities and a safer country. And we’re glad to have a president who recognizes that the opioid crisis is a huge threat to all three of these goals.”

Trump has vowed to donate his entire annual salary of $400,000 while he is in office. His first-quarter salary went to the National Park Service, and his second-quarter salary was given to the Department of Education. [Source: Fox News]

Of course, giving away his salary will only make the liberals more furious. They can’t accuse President Trump of greed when he willingly gives away hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dollars that he’s earned. What will the left say? They can’t attack the cause — it would look like they are attacking millions of suffering Americans.

They simply have to accept the fact that Trump did something good. Something to help the American people. And, that’s the very worst thing a liberal can do.

This is only the beginning of the battle against the opioid crisis. People need to learn about the dangers of these powerful medications. They also need to know there is help for addiction. Be sure to share this article with people you know, who might need some help.