Liberals Furious After Trump Called The White House A ‘Dump’ — There’s Just 1 Huge Problem

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The White House (left), President Donald Trump (right)

Liberals are furious today after a report surfaced that claimed President Donald Trump called the White House a “dump.” However, there’s one huge problem with their outrage.

Not surprisingly, the left appears to have found a new reason to demonize the president this week. This time, it’s over an unsubstantiated claim in a Sports Illustrated article, of all things. But, then, we never said liberals needed actual hard evidence before going after Trump like a pack of hunting dogs who just smelled a rabbit.

Supposedly, Trump told members at his Bedminster golf club, “That White House is a real dump.” There was no attribution for the quote, which appears as part of a long story surrounding the president’s love of golf, but the claim was presumably made by one of the members of his golf club.

Sports Illustrated apparently decided to run with this quote before doing any fact-checking regarding its authenticity, probably because it paints Trump in a negative light, and if we know anything about the media, it’s that they love nothing more than a half-baked story which they can use to make the president look bad.

The White House has denied the claim, but that hasn’t stopped those on the left from coming out of the woodwork to admonish Trump. Several members of the media — the same media which ran an unsubstantiated quote just to smear the president — were seemingly up in arms that if Barack Obama had called the White House a “dump,” it would have been a much bigger scandal.

It seems the same liberals who are so irked by this media-manufactured nonsense have issues with their memory. As Young Conservatives notes, they seem to have conveniently forgotten what Michelle Obama said four years ago about the White House.

During an appearance with Laura Bush in 2013, always unappreciative Michelle likened her experience in the White House to serving time behind bars. “There are prison elements to it,” said Mrs. Obama at a summit on promoting the role of African first ladies in bringing change to their countries.

“With a chef,” Mrs. Bush interjected, according to JWF. “It’s a really nice prison,” Michelle followed up. “You can’t complain.”

No, you can’t complain when you’re wearing the nicest clothes money can buy, made by the world’s top fashion designers, all because your husband duped the American people into electing him as the first African-American president.

You can’t complain when your “job” includes taking taxpayer-funded vacations on a monthly basis; vacations in which you only stay in the most luxurious hotels, sampling only the finest amenities the world has to offer, all because you’re the first lady of a country you were never even proud of until your political hack of a husband ran for president. You can’t complain when you have a chef, a personal hair stylist, a high-dollar makeup artist, and an entourage of staffers to fulfill your every wish.

If you were wondering whether the media is biased, look no further than the way they treated Michelle Obama after her disgusting comment about the White House being a “prison” versus how they reacted to the unproven claim that Donald Trump said it’s a “dump.” The major difference in these two scenarios is that Michelle is on record making the comment, but Trump is not.

Trump is being crucified over something he probably never even said, while Michelle was given a free pass from the press for a statement we know beyond a shadow of a doubt was uttered from her lips. We might as well be living in North Korea if this is the best we can expect from the media, which has devolved into little more than a vast propaganda machine for the Democratic Party.

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