Liberals Protect Poor ‘Undocumented Immigrant,’ Then Discover His Horrific, Sick Surprise

When an illegal alien was arrested for immigration violations by ICE officials in Nebraska, liberals were outraged that another innocent “undocumented immigrant” was being racistly deported. However, while the left campaigned for amnesty for the illegal alien, they were soon horrified to discover he had an even darker secret.

Liberals Protect Poor 'Undocumented Immigrant,' Then Discover His Horrific, Sick Surprise
After Victor Garcia-Fuentes (left) was arrested by Nebraska officials for immigration violations, they soon discovered his offenses were much worse than anything they expected. (Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images, Omaha Police)

Despite logic and fact, the left is resolved to open our borders to a ceaseless flood of migrants who can neither be vetted nor properly monitored. Not only is amnesty dangerous for our economy but the very thought of allowing any able-bodied migrant who wishes to infiltrate our country and comfortably resettle in the U.S. provides a mass opportunity for those hoping to commit heinous crimes on our soil.

With President Donald Trump tirelessly cracking down on illegal immigration, the unhinged left has launched a nationwide campaign to not only prohibit the application of U.S. immigration laws but allow dangerous migrants to continue their sadistic crime sprees. As we’ve long warned, this is directly protecting some of the most debauched criminal illegals in our nation.

When Omaha resident Victor Garcia-Fuentes was arrested and charged with immigration violations, his incarceration came just in time for liberals to once again protest for open borders and amnesty for illegals. Believing that so-called undocumented immigrants were merely victims of systematic racism, Garcia-Fuentes was included in the list of vulnerable migrants who must be given a voice by the political left. Disturbingly, the jailed illegal had taken much more from Americans than Democrats’ support.

WOWT reports that only after Garcia-Fuentes was detained for immigration violations at the Douglas County Jail did Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials discover that he had brutally raped 4 children ranging in age from 5 to 12 years old. Although Garcia-Fuentes only initially faced charges for illegal entry into the U.S., his arrest prompted the families of the young victims to come forward with evidence that the illegal alien had carried out a series of stomach-churning sexual assaults.

Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine told 6 News, “3 of them are contact charges. 1 is a penetration charge. So these are very serious charges.”

Despite the fact that Garcia-Fuentes “denied any knowledge of the incident or knowing the victims,” investigators managed to uncover his prior connections to each of the young children. In fact, if liberals had prevented officials from arresting Garcia-Fuentes for immigration violations, he may have gotten away with his sadistic child abuse or, worse, amassed further victims.

The child victims were able to identify Garcia-Fuentes as their sexual abuser once it was reported that he was behind bars in the county jail. However, the illegal alien’s offenses don’t end there. Omaha Police also confirmed that they have obtained phone call recordings made by Garcia-Fuentes in which he spoke to an unknown male and female from inside the jail, asking them for assistance in gaining the victims’ contact information.

The conversation ended when the unidentified woman warned that their call was being recorded by police, to which Garcia-Fuentes replied that he would send them a letter. He also requested that the unknown female go to his house and locate a hidden cell phone behind a dresser before the authorities could discover its existence.

Police searched Garcia-Fuentes’ mail to discover that he was trying to obtain his victims’ phone numbers and addresses in order to intimidate them into silence. The inmate hoped to scare the children into getting them to recant their allegations against him, according to Breitbart.

“There’s always concerns with victims, the victims’ families, and law enforcement that somebody might try to intimidate victims, intimidate witnesses to try to not have them testify,” Kleine said.

Garcia-Fuentes is scheduled to appear in court on November 27 for 4 counts of child sexual assault among other charges. If convicted, he faces a lengthy prison term as well as deportation from the U.S.

Liberals prove time and time again that feelings should never rule political opinion over facts and logic. While they certainly feel good about defending those whom they deem helpless immigrants, their shallow beliefs never once acknowledge the devastating impact illegal immigration has on any society.

Aside from violent crime, illegal immigration inflicts catastrophic effects on our economy. For example, public education for just one illegal immigrant costs taxpayers over $147,000. Of course, this doesn’t even include the costs of healthcare, welfare benefits, or other public services. In fact, research suggests that the average illegal immigrant household receives more than $24,000 in government benefits and services. Subsequently, the estimated 3.7 million illegal aliens living in the U.S. create a net fiscal taxpayer burden of around $54.5 billion per year.

Amnesty and open borders sound nice in theory, especially to bleeding-heart liberals who buck reality for a fantasy world. However, the negative effects of illegal immigration far outweigh the proverbial pat on the back that liberal virtue-signallers hope to get from their migrant allies.

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