VIDEO: Liberals Turn Violent At Pro-Trump Rally, But Look Who Got Hurt

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Those standing up for President Donald Trump and a more conservative movement were met with a rash of violence from “tolerant” liberals as they attempted to counter leftist protests with a pro-Trump rally yesterday in the Golden state. It was all caught on shocking video as violence broke out, but look who got hurt.

An incident at UC Berkeley, which has been the site of many anti-Trump and anti-free speech protests over the past few months, is flinging the university back into the spotlight after a pro-Trump rally turned to violence after leftists arrived and began to attack.

Knowing they can’t take out the toughest of conservatives, the liberals assaulted the more vulnerable women and elderly. The violent leftists even went out of their way to pepper spray an elderly man, causing him to collapse on the ground.

“A total of 10 people were arrested, including five for battery, four for assault with a deadly weapon, and one for resisting arrest,” The Marin Independent Journal reported, adding, “Police reported items confiscated among the combatants were: ‘metal pipes, bats, 2x4s and pieces of wood. A group with bricks was detained, and their bricks confiscated.’”

The left is continuing to blame these attacks on “anarchists,” yet the anarchy movement doesn’t protest nor do they show up with intentions to cause an upset in a protest. It’s time for the left to take responsibility for their actions and stop blaming those who literally don’t even believe in protesting or voting for the violence they cause. The people causing the destruction and attacking Trump supporters are liberals, if not full-blown communists, which is exactly the opposite of an “anarchist.”

Despite the numerous reports of the left violently attacking and bloodying the faces of Trump supporters, the police couldn’t intervene to help those being attacked. UFC veteran and professional MMA fighter Jake Shields even helped rescue a man who was being assaulted by left-wing rioters after police stood by because they could not help.

A woman with a bloody head is ignored by police while at the March for Trump rally, Saturday.

California is largely a gun-free zone thanks to years of leftists and borderline communists getting elected by the overwhelming population of illogical liberals. The few conservatives left in California appear to have followed the law, disarming themselves before showing up at the pro-Trump rally, which likely helped give the massive number of leftists the upper hand.

Violence like this won’t go over well in a more gun friendly state, and soon enough, a liberal will attack the wrong peaceful person. Although they like to go after the more fragile among us, a gun is a great equalizer, and we should be able to defend ourselves with force against those with metal pipes, bats, 2x4s, and bricks, which even the police referred to as “deadly weapons.” Enough is enough.

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