PIC: Liberals Lose It As WH Intern Flashes ‘White Power’ Hand Sign, There’s Just 1 Problem

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Liberals had a field day when a photo surfaced which purportedly showed a White House intern flashing a racist hand sign synonymous with the “white power” movement. However, as is usually the case with these sort of stories, there’s more than meets the eye. As it turns out, there’s a major problem with the left’s assessment that this guy is guilty of racism.

White House interns pose for a photo with President Donald Trump, Jack Breuer flashes the “OK” hand sign. (Photo Credit: The White House)

White House intern Jack Breuer, who was accused of making a “white power” hand sign in the group photo with other interns seen above, has spoken to the media in his own defense. His statement was released on Friday after the initial controversy erupted.

In the picture in question, Jack poses with a group of other interns who are all smiling at the camera and giving the photographer a “thumbs up.” Jack, however, is making the “OK” hand sign, which is a serious offense, apparently.

Breuer, who interned in the White House in the fall, was first accused of making the white power sign by the Daily Mail, which quoted other unnamed interns saying he had made the offensive sign. After the UK-based news outfit posted its story online, Twitter lit up with scores of people attacking the Emory University grad, calling him a Nazi and declaring that his current employer should fire him.

White nationalists have used the same gesture because the OK sign supposedly resembles the letters W and P. But Trump frequently makes the same sign with a raised right hand when speaking publicly. [Source: New York Post]

President Donald Trump making a similar OK sign with his hands, which doesn’t mean what liberals think it means. (Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot)

There’s a big problem with this story, though: Jack’s a Jew. In a recent statement, he revealed his heritage and emphatically claimed that he would never align himself with any movement that discriminated against minorities or individuals based on their religion.

“In some of our intern pictures, I emulated the OK sign the President sometimes makes,” said Jack. “That was foolish. I should have listened more closely to the Commander-in-Chief and given the thumbs up. I’m proud of my Jewish heritage and strongly reject the hateful views associated with racist white power organizations. I would never make common cause with them.”

The former White House intern accused of flashing a “white power” symbol in a group photo with the president was simply mimicking Trump’s signature “OK” hand gesture and denies any association with far right groups, he tells The Daily Caller. [Source: The Daily Caller]

Before we lived in a society where people are constantly looking for the next thing to be offended by, this picture of Jack flashing the “OK” hand signal frequently used by President Trump would have never been given a second thought. Truthfully, if you glance at this photo and instantly think it’s a display of racism, you need to reexamine your priorities.

Jack should never have needed to explain himself because he didn’t do anything wrong. He was just a young guy enjoying the internship of a lifetime at the White House when his entire existence was upended because some fool in the leftwing media decided to get their panties in a wad over something completely mundane.

However, now that he has set the record straight, let’s hope this racism narrative is effectively put to bed. We’ve got bigger things to worry about, like this petition to ban Meghan Markle from receiving a royal title once she marries Prince Harry because of all the nude pictures of her online as well as her anti-Trump sentiments.

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