Libs Elect Muslim Migrant As ‘Message To Trump,’ Get Brutal ‘Message’ Back

Libs Elect Muslim Migrant As 'Message To Trump,' Get Brutal 'Message' Back
After Vermont Democrats elected Muslim immigrant Faisal Gill (right) to send “a message to Trump,” they received a rude awakening about their candidate. (Photo source: NBC News, Washington Times)

When Democrats elected the first Muslim as their state party chairman, the liberals boasted that his win was a “message to Trump” in defiance of his travel ban. However, shortly after communicating their motives to the president, liberals weren’t expecting the “message” they received back.

The left wing has always bucked common sense and truth in order to push their agenda, mostly because both contradict their political values. In their relentless attempt to create the epic failure that is “multiculturalism,” Democrats have exalted the one religion that is most dangerous to even their beliefs.

In a desperate bid to prove President Donald Trump wrong about Muslim migrants, Vermont Democrats handed a major election over to a Muslim immigrant. After patting themselves on the backs for electing the first Muslim to head their state party, however, they soon realized that they had not only accidentally proved Trump’s policies right but self-sabotaged their organization.

Frontpage Magazine reports that shortly after Vermont Democrats gloated that they had sent “a really strong message to Trump” after electing Faisal Gill, a Muslim immigrant, as chairman of their party, his terrorist background surfaced. Gill, who was just recently lauded as a beacon of Islamic integration and contribution to the U.S. has been under surveillance by the FBI for his involvement in support of Muslim terrorists, including al-Qaeda leader Anwar Al-Awlaki.

His sinister history resurfaced in response to the Democratic voters who thrust the terror-tied migrant to the highest position within their state party.

“To have a Muslim and immigrant to be the state party chair sends a really strong message to Trump and his type of politics that this is not where the country is at,” Gill told NBC News.

In 2004, Fox News reported that Gill, who was the director of policy for intelligence at the Department of Homeland Security, was ousted after the FBI uncovered his former spokesperson position for the American Muslim Council. The AMC is considered a front group for Hamas, which is why Gill purposefully omitted his job with the group when he filed for employment at the agency.

Libs Elect Muslim Migrant As 'Message To Trump,' Get Brutal 'Message' Back
Gill (left) was a paid consultant of Abdurahman Alamoudi (right), who was sentenced to 23 years in prison for illegal dealings with Libya. (Photo source: CNN, The Counter Jihad Report)

Shortly after the September 11 attacks, a recording surfaced of AMC head Abdurahman Alamoudi fueling an anti-Israel rally in front of the Clinton White House as well as declaring support for Hamas and Hezbollah. While in the AMC, Gill served as a paid consultant of Alamoudi and shared his support for the terrorist organizations. Alamoudi was eventually sentenced to 23 years in prison for illegal dealings with terror-tied Libya.

“It appears to me that this fellow Faisal Gill is an example of the more potentially dangerous part of ‘influence operations’— the placement of these individuals in the administration,” Frank Gaffney, the then-head of Center for Security Studies, told

Ironically, liberals were trying to use Gill as an example of how Trump’s falsely-named “Muslim ban” might prevent individuals like him from entering the country. What they forgot was that Gill is the epitome of who Trump is prohibiting, as even he has a terrorist affiliation despite being the poster child for assimilation.

Gill was elected on March 4 as a direct response to Trump’s travel ban, which prohibited travel from just 6 of more than 50 Muslim countries. The reason the president singled out these particular nations was due to their proneness to terrorism, a reason that Gill just legitimized.

When Gill was a Republican, he was strongly condemned by liberal media after it surfaced that he had relationships with known terrorists. However, after he became a Democrat, his criminal background was quietly buried so that voters would forget his “radical” views.

Although Vermont Democrats hoped that their election of Gill would make Trump look bad, it has done exactly the opposite. They have cut off their own nose to spite their face, electing a terrorist supporter to lead them in a country that is desperately trying to combat terror. Truly, Democrats will not only be known as the party that supports terror but also elects it into office.

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