WATCH: Libs PANIC After What They Just Saw Justice Ginsburg Do On Live TV

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Although the left has praised 84-year-old liberal Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg countless times, they’re not doing that after her most recent appearance on television. In fact, it seems that liberals are in a downright panic after what they saw the woman do while speaking on live TV – and it has quite a few people shaking their heads.

Opinions seem to be split when it comes to Ginsburg, with some people lauding her a hero (usually liberals after she backs one of their causes) and others saying she’s too “senile” to serve. Unfortunately, the latter of those two realities may have just come to rear its ugly head.

During a speech, while accepting Allegheny College’s Prize for Civility in Public Life at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., Ginsburg decided to mention previous winners of the award. However, while doing it, she managed to leave audience members a bit perplexed when she came to one politician’s name.

Noting other winners, Ginsburg began, “Let’s hope members of Congress, the members that Allegheny College has already honored, Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. John McCain.” Then, came her big gaffe, as she continued, “The women of the Senate, Senators Dianne Feinstein and Lindsey Graham. Let’s hope that they, and others of good will, will lead in restoring harmonious work ways.”

As we all know, Lindsay Graham is actually a man – so long as we’re abiding by definitions of biology. Of course, a few people commented saying that Ginsburg’s remarks were accurate, but the comedic aspect of her words wasn’t felt by all.

In fact, it seems that the left may be in a panic as instances such as these seem to be more frequent these days when it comes to Justice Ginsburg. In fact, she made national headlines when she fell asleep during the State of the Union Address, only to later say that she was drunk.

Now, we’re seeing that the woman can’t even keep members of Congress’s genders straight, leaving many to wonder what will come of this. After all, if she’s doing this during President Donald Trump’s first year, one can only imagine how “fit” her mind will be in another three.

Will she resign as many people believe she should? If so, what does that mean for the face of the Supreme Court? While no one is actually hoping that Ginsburg’s mind is going, as that would be an awful thing to wish on anyone, but her ability to serve certainly should come into question.

We the People have shown that we’re tired of the direction this nation was headed under leftist leadership and launched an unofficial revolution that ultimately ended in the election of President Donald Trump. However, this nation could be about to change in ways much more lasting than the next 4 years – and liberals ought to be shaking in their boots because of it.