After Vegas Shooting, University Decides To Make Bold Statement At Next Football Game

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The entire country continues to cope with the shocking mass shooting in Las Vegas last weekend. While politicians try to use it as an excuse to push legislation, regular Americans are simply trying to deal with the grief, pain, and loss. However, one school has decided to make a bold statement at their next football game, and it’s one you don’t want to miss.

Scene from the October 1 shooting in Las Vegas, The UNLS normal helmet (Photo Credit: David Becker/Getty ImagesMark Wallington on Twitter)

University of Nevada Las Vegas, as you can expect, is taking the shooting hard. As the flagship school of this world-renowned city, a terrible mass murder like this affects the students, faculty, and staff. There might even be victims from among their roster. Like the rest of the city and the country, they are mourning.

Despite the pain they are going through, they’ve decided to go on with this Saturday’s game. While some might be surprised to hear they are doing this, the school has not forgotten the lives lost on that tragic night. In fact, they are going out of their way to powerfully honor the victims.

According to the Independent Journal Review, the school has decided to design new helmets that respect and pay tribute to the lives lost. This isn’t just a little decal either. Based on initial photos, this is an entire redesign, that covers the helmet completely.

Social media users were first reminded of the university’s old helmet design.

It included an American flag on the back:

In honor of the lives lost on Sunday, they have redesigned the helmet for this Saturday’s game with the following new look:

As you can see from the image, the entire helmet will be black with a crimson ribbon that says “Las Vegas.” The face guard will also be crimson red. As you can tell from the side shot, the American flag will still be prominently seen on the back.

This isn’t the first time a sports team altered their uniforms to honor the death of a person or a tragic event. But, this might be the most dramatic alteration we’ve ever seen. Normally, players will wear a patch on their arm or a small sticker will be added to their helmet. This redesign is bold and unmistakable. Everyone who watches the game this Saturday will notice the support and honor that UNLV is showing to the fallen victims of this attack.

The team will also plan a pregame tribute to honor the lives who were lost, according to their website:

UNLV Athletics is planning a pregame tribute before this Saturday’s football game against San Diego State, to honor victims and local heroes of Sunday’s horrific attack on the Las Vegas Strip…

The pregame ceremony will honor the victims and recognize representatives from first-responder organizations, medical personnel and other local heroes. It will also include a full-field, 100-yard American Flag during the national anthem. The transport and use of the flag, which is housed in California, was made possible by assistance from the Las Vegas Bowl and San Diego’s Holiday Bowl. [Source: UNLV Rebels]

At a time when other football players go out of their way to disrespect our country and its people, we are seeing a team that is trying their best to honor us. The terrible events of October 1 might not be easily washed away, but gestures like this prove that we can support each other, even in the face of tragedy. You might not be a UNLV fan, but this Saturday’s game might be one you’ll want to watch.