Secret List Of Foreign Donors Giving Hillary Millions To Take Over America

Hillary Clinton has over $20 million in her war chest, and with that money, she is hoping to win the presidency. However, the media is keeping a big secret for her — a shocking list of foreign agents donating millions to her campaign, even though it’s against campaign finance laws. Now, the list has been leaked, leaving Americans shocked and pissed off by the illegal donations Hillary is getting.

Hillary Clinton & Saudi Prince.

It’s  come to light that foreign agents who want to take over America are funding the Hillary Clinton campaign.

John Podesta is the chairman of Hillary’s campaign and his brother Tony Podesta is the top bundler for Hillary for America. A bundler is a professional fundraiser, but they aren’t just any fundraisers. They are super fundraisers bringing in millions.

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Tony Podesta is also the chairman of the Podesta Group, which works with foreign governments and foreign corporations, and this is where it gets really corrupt.

“A number of Hillary Clinton’s top lobbyist bundlers, who have raised millions for her presidential campaign, either directly represent foreign entities or work at firms that represent foreign entities, according to documents from the Justice Department’s Foreign Agents Registration Unit.” [via Washington Free Beacon]

Hillary knows Americans are outraged at the direct donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation, so now she has created middlemen — corporate lawyers who cut the check to Tony Podesta so it looks like it came from an American corporation.

The Sunlight Foundation reports, “According to the FEC, ‘Foreign nationals are prohibited from making any contributions or expenditures in connection with any election in the U.S.'”

With a little digging into these corrupt relationships, it’s clear that Hillary is being funded by foreign entities that will expect favors in return. Although Hillary has schemed to take in foreign money from a third party, in essence, this is a criminal act as she uses these lobbyists as buffers to get around the law.

With radical Islam being America’s biggest enemy, it is shocking that Tony Podesta took three separate donations adding up to over $1.4 million from a middle man that represents the Republic of Turkey.

Saudi Arabia has given over $25 to $50 million to the Clinton Foundation, and now Tony Podesta has been hired for $140,000 a month to lobby for a Saudi Government entity called the Center for Studies and Media Affairs.

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What will the Saudis expect for $140,000 a month? The Saudis are ruthless, and if Hillary is president, you can imagine what type of influence they will wield over America. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

What about the Russians? Well, Tony Podesta is in thick with them too. Podesta is registered to lobby on behalf of Sberbank CIB USA Inc., a subsidiary of Russia’s largest bank, which is majority-owned by the Russian government.

The amount of money Podesta has raised to date from Sberbank is undisclosed, but the mere fact that he is employed by this Russian Bank, owned by the Russian government, shows exactly how they have access and potential influence over Hillary.

Hillary Clinton

Emanuel A. “Mike” Manatos is another bundler for Hillary, and he also represents VTB Group, a Russian financial group. Manatos bundled over $40,300 for Hillary for America. What will this Russian bank want in return? Nothing that is in the best interest of the United States.

Mexico is also giving money to Hillary for America. Alfred Mottur, a lobbyist for the Embassy of Mexico, bundled $32,355 dollars for Hillary for America, and it’s safe to say that is not for the border wall.

Donald Trump talks about our bad trade deals, and Japan is one of those countries that imports thousands of cars and other electronics every year, impacting our economy. The Embassy of Japan employs Andrew Smith to lobby on its behalf, and he bundled over $29,700 for Hillary for America.

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Hillary has already received over $7 million in foreign donations during the second quarter of 2016, from April 1 to June 30. No one in the mainstream media is reporting on these donations, and as always, those snakes in the liberal media are covering up for her.

So, it’s up to us regular Americans to pass on this vital information to other Americans, proving that Hillary is a criminal who is taking money from foreign governments and will continue to be a puppet for them if elected to our White House.

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