Little Caesars Punks Won’t Serve Cop, Not Laughing As They Get Brutal Surprise

A few employees working for an Alabama Little Caesars recently made the mistake of refusing to serve a police officer. However, their plans almost immediately backfired — and they weren’t laughing a few days later when they got a brutal surprise.

Little Caesars Punks Won't Serve Cop, Not Laughing Days Later As They Get Brutal Surprise
Dora Police Sergeant Ronnie Phillips (left), a stock image of Little Caesars (right) (Photo Credit: The Dora Police Department via Facebook, Michael Rivera/Wikimedia Commons)

The incident took place in a little town called Sumiton after Dora Police Sergeant Ronnie Phillips pulled up to get dinner for his family. As it turns out, the event happened just after the police sergeant got off of work, meaning that he was still in uniform and still driving his marked police car.

Although he had been to that particular location several times in the past, something would go horribly wrong this time around. In fact, a few punks inside downright refused to serve him simply because he was a cop. Delving into a bit more detail, Phillips explained what happened in a shocking Facebook post.

“I pulled up to Little Caesars on my way home from work in my marked police unit this evening to get supper for my family. As I pulled up in line I noticed a female outside taking an order from the car in front of me who was not up to the window. As we moved up in line I saw that same female with another female and they made a guy come from what appeared to be the back come out to take my order,” Phillips began.

“I spoke with the young man about it. When I pulled on up to the window both of the females stood by the window and walked back and forth but refused to take my order, take my money, or anything!!!!! My family and I have been coming here since they opened several years ago!!!!” Sgt. Phillips wrote, as Blue Lives Matter reports.

“I have NEVER in my entire life done anything, don’t know that I’ve ever even seen these females before. I can assure u I will never come back to this store!!!!” the sergeant added.

Of course, the little punks thought they were being slick and even tried to lie about it when outraged citizens called in on account of the officer’s viral post. At the time, the employees said they were merely “playing a game,” but they would come to realize that the consequences of their actions were rather severe.

According to an updated Facebook post, a Little Caesars corporate representative called Phillips to apologize for what had happened. In fact, the sergeant states that they were very professional and assured him that disciplinary measures had been taken — but that’s not the best part.

***UPDATE***(From Officer Phillips, Dora PD)Just wanted to post an update to my earlier post. I have already received…

Posted by Walker County Today on Tuesday, February 13, 2018

In fact, the thugs wouldn’t be laughing a few days later when they found out that they were actually being fired for their little “game.” Along with that, Little Caesars took things one step further by offering the entire department free pizza in order to show their support for law enforcement.

“We are proud to serve those who tirelessly serve us and we always strive to do the best. A customer service situation occurred at one of our locations where the crew members of this independently owned and operated franchise location did not follow our core principles. Upon investigation, these two crew members were immediately terminated,” the company wrote in a  Facebook post.

“We’ll be treating the Dora police station to free pizza today, Wednesday, February 14. Plus, any current or retired police officer or immediate family member can bring proof of service to any Birmingham, Alabama metro Little Caesars location this evening and receive a free pizza of their choice, on us,” they added before concluding, “We look forward to serving you.”

We are proud to serve those who tirelessly serve us and we always strive to do the best. A customer service situation…

Posted by Little Caesars Pizza on Wednesday, February 14, 2018

At the end of the day, these punks got exactly what they deserved for what they did. They may have thought that it was funny to bully police officers when they had the chance, but they learned just how wrong they were. If these idiots continue to refuse to help police, they deserve to find themselves in a similar situation when they’re the ones in need. Imagine what they would do if police didn’t show up when they called.

Fortunately for them, police officers would never do that as they are men and women of honor. Too bad the same couldn’t be said of self-righteous pricks like this.

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