LLC Co-Owned By Ilhan Omar’s Husband Got $635K COVID Bailout, They Get Torched

Rep. Ilhan Omar and her husband are making headlines again. A political consulting group co-owned by Omar’s husband received nearly $635,000 in coronavirus funds. That’s when the Democrat duo got torched. Don’t miss this.

Ilhan Omar gets ambushed by a reporter (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot)

Once again “some people did something,” and for Ilhan Omar and her new hubby, Tim Mynett, it’s all about the Benjamins.

From the 2019-2020 election cycle, Ilhan Omar’s campaign paid nearly $2.8 million to the consulting firm E Street Group, which is co-owned by her husband. In the third quarter of 2020 payments to the group accounted for 70% of total disbursements.

While her husband was being enriched by Omar’s campaign donors, we the taxpayer were unknowingly giving him a helping hand too.

According to the New York Post: “Tim Mynett’s E Street Group LLC was given $134,800 this year as part of the Paycheck Protection Program; he was also given $500,000 in Economic Injury Disaster loans.”

They further note regarding Omar’s relationship with her husband’s firm:

The FEC allows lawmakers to hire family members or spouses to work on their campaigns, but a political ethics expert said the practice creates suspicion and should be banned.

Omar has denied any wrongdoing regarding her relationship with her husband when ethics questions were raised about payments to his firm earlier this year.

Americans in blue states are watching as their lives are destroyed while Omar and her spouse enrich themselves. 

Most Americans have seen the Los Angeles restaurant owner’s plea for help that went viral after a video showing her, on the verge of tears, closing her business’s outdoor patio due to California’s newest COVID-19 restrictions.

In my opinion, the bar owner could have used the $635,000 for a better cause than Omar and her hubby, like helping to sustain her 12 employees:

Omar had previously been ordered to reimburse her campaign $3,500 after the Minnesota Campaign Finance Board found she illegally used campaign funds in 2016 and 2017. She was also fined $500. The violating payments included reimbursements for personal travel expenses, in addition to hiring a law firm for services related to an inquiry into her personal tax returns.

She was also hit with an FEC complaint in late August for allegedly using her campaign to illegally reimburse the travel expenses of Mynett (before they were married). The complaint was filed one day after Mynett’s wife alleged he was having an affair with Omar. Travel expenses totaled over $21,000 and were not itemized, which is required.

Americans torched the dastardly duo on social media. 

“We have been hearing about her stealing money for almost a year now. is ANYONE going to investigate Omar or are the FBI and CIA sleeping at their job? and what the hell are the Republicans doing? or is this just some conspiracy theory? but we all know Omar is evil,” tweeted “DMC Lewis.”

“Well, it’s been proven that it’s her brother that she married. Also, it makes sense that they bailout their own and not the people who really need it the most,” tweeted “Sdel.”

“This kind of crap just incenses me! NONE of the people who really needed help got it. Why isn’t there a class action right now on behalf of employers/employees? They’ve been forced to stop earning but received ZERO LOST WAGES COMPENSATION,” Michelle Rath.

“It seems every few days Ilhan Omar is tied to hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars and yet she not arrested. Either she is doing something illegal or she’s not. If she is, where is the DOJ? Never mind I just answered my own question. We don’t have a DOJ,” tweeted M Jackson.

“so @AOC do you have any thoughts about this? Since you were detailing which companies received Coronavirus Relief? Did this one make your list? or conveniently ignored?” tweeted Katina Cabassi.

The dirty politicians keep enriching themselves while middle-class Americans suffer. 

Times like these can break the spirits of patriotic Americans. In my opinion, our election was stolen and Big Tech is censoring any related speech. Politics in America has become a blood sport, and if you do not subscribe to the leftist narrative, you risk losing everything.

This is not the time to back down. The American patriots who fought the Revolutionary War never gave up, even though the odds were against them. So, do not lose hope. Plan to stay the course and pray. If we trust in Almighty God and pray His will is done, then we can take solace in knowing we will be on the right side of history.

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