Lone Deer Walks Into Colorado Store, Employee Even More Stunned By What Shows Up Later

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Animals tend to do some rather odd things every once in a while as staff at a store in Stout, Colorado recently found out. After a deer walk right into their store, the employee who encountered the animal was quite amused. However, the same employee who witnessed the deer incident would be left utterly stunned at what else showed up later.

Lone Deer Walkes Into Colorado Store, Employee Stunned What Shows Up Later
The deer (left), the store (center), the deer inside the store (right) (Photo Credit: Lori Jones, Leon Kiley via Google)

Three weeks ago, Lori Jones, an employee at Horsetooth Inn and RV Park, was merely working the store when a wild deer wandered in. As anyone would be, she was completely baffled by its behavior as she managed to capture a few up-close wildlife photos.

Lori couldn’t believe her eyes. She simply watched as the lone deer perused the “sunglasses rack and the potato chips,” according to Fox News. Eventually, Lori realized that the deer had to go, but it had made itself at home within the store. In fact, the only way she could get her to leave was by luring “her outside with a peanut bar,” she recalled, according to 9News.

Of course, Lori thought that would have been the end of the unusual animal behavior at the store, but she couldn’t have been any more wrong. In fact, she was left completely stunned over what showed up on the store’s doorstep later. It was the same deer, but this time, she seemingly brought the whole family along, including her twins and a buck.

Lone Deer Walkes Into Colorado Store, Employee Stunned What Shows Up Later
The mama deer, her twins, and the buck (Photo Credit: Lori Jones via 9News)

Lori said that when the deer returned, she was in the office working on inventory before walking out to check the stock on the shelves. As she walked towards her destination, something caught her eye, and she was shocked to see the deer at the door. “I walked out, and there she was with her twins and a lone buck that she nursed. I just used my phone to snap the pics,” Lori recalled.

Remarkably, the deer had enjoyed visiting the store and the peanut bar she got there so much that she decided to return with her children. Lori couldn’t help but laugh as she witnessed the inquisitive brood perusing the store together. Thankfully, Lori was able to momentarily stop her own laughter to snap a few incredible close-ups of the deer for the rest of us to enjoy.

Lone Deer Walkes Into Colorado Store, Employee Stunned What Shows Up Later
The mama deer’s first visit (Photo Credit: Lori Jones)

Internet viewers couldn’t believe what they were seeing either. In fact, one social media user comically noted, “Those liberal deer…always looking for a handout.”

“Beautiful animals. With so much hatred and violence in the news, it’s soothing to see such beautiful animals,” another stated, while another added, “YOU feed them … they will be back everyday….” Yet another comically stated, “With a salted nut roll you could lure me anywhere too.”

Considering it’s hunting season, perhaps the deer were scared and were looking for somewhere safe to rest. However, ethically, no hunter should ever consider killing a mother deer while she’s clearly still caring for her young. Hunting is a good way to keep the population of deer controlled, but there’s no reason to leave a baby deer helpless in the woods.

Although many people love to travel to watch wildlife and witness the beauty that God created in nature, it’s a rare occurrence when wildlife actually comes to you. Not only did this particular incident capture a curious mama deer, but the employee was able to witness the relationship between the animal and her offspring. Thankfully, this woman was able to show kindness to the deer and help remove them from the store without causing any stress for them. They’re clearly confused if they’re entering a store and checking out the food. However, it’s a truly beautiful sight to see one of God’s many creatures, trusting this woman enough to return with her young.