WATCH: Louisiana Cop Gets Ultimate Man-Badge As Alligator Gives Him Snappy Surprise

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A shocking video has emerged out of Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, where one cop earned the ultimate man-badge as he and his partner dealt with an alligator that had come to town uninvited as a result of Tropical Storm Harvey. Stunned viewers watch as the agitated alligator tries to give the officer a snappy surprise.

Screenshot from video footage of Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s arresting alligator. (Photo Credits: YouTube/IB Times UK)

According to video seen on Crave Online, a few of Louisiana’s finest are attempting to wrangle an alligator which appears to be about 4 feet long. Now that might not seem like a serious threat to many people after watching insane footage of crocodiles on Animal Planet, but a well-placed bite from a reptile that large is going to hurt — a lot. Watch the video below as this brave cop shows some serious jumping ability when the alligator makes a move for him.

Well, maybe the high-pitched scream that it seems the cop let out wasn’t the manliest thing he’s ever done, but he sure did demonstrate some amazing jumping skill in the clip also uploaded to YouTube.

This guy’s fellow officers will probably never let him forget the priceless encounter with the agitated alligator. The Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department gave the following comment about the officer’s brave actions on their Facebook page: “Our deputies respond to all kinds of calls, from crime to gators! Side note, we’re not sure if our deputy was screaming like that, but it sure sounded like it, haha.”

As recent events in nearby Texas have unfolded with Hurricane Harvey, President Donald Trump has declared a state of emergency for Louisiana, which is dealing with a tremendous impact from the flooding, according to the Washington Post. “Additional rainfall amounts of 15 to 25 inches are expected in southwestern Louisiana, with rainfall amounts of 5 to 15 inches expected in south-central Louisiana,” the National Weather Service said in a news release Sunday night.

In addition to the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s run-in with the alligator, a woman from Texas captured video footage of one of the sizable reptiles in her back yard as a result of the floods, according to the Houston Chronicle.

Arlene Kelsch, the woman who captured the video footage reportedly lives in Missouri City and noticed the big alligator hanging out in her back yard on Sunday, August 27, 2017, following the rains from Tropical Storm Harvey. “I went to check on him and saw he had moved to another part of my backyard…but it wasn’t the same alligator! That’s when I see two swimming around our yard,” Kelsch told The Houston Chronicle over email. “Holy crap was my reaction. I felt relatively safe seeing them; it’s kind of cool. As long as I don’t open my door, I’m fine, but it’s still a little creepy.” Watching alligators swim around in your back yard has got to be slightly unnerving, to say the least.

The courageous people in Texas and Louisiana are more than overwhelmed with the flooding, but add in the fact that they now have alligators taking up residence in their back yards, and that is just pure insanity. Our prayers and support go out to law enforcement, rescue teams, and residents in both states who have been affected by the mega storm. Their perseverance through this incredibly difficult time truly defines the American spirit.

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