Lying Muslim Reports Man For ‘Hate Crime’ — His 2 Words To Cops Make Her Wish She Hadn’t

Lying Muslim Reports Man For 'Hate Crime' — His 2 Words To Cops Make Her Wish She Hadn't
After accusing Pawel Uczciwek (right) of a “race hate attack,” Aniso Abulkadir (left) heard 2 words she didn’t anticipate. (Photo source: Twitter, Daily Mail)

When a group of women spotted a peaceful couple in the subway, they viciously attacked the pair and reported them for a “race hate attack” in an effort to get them falsely charged. However, as soon as the police got involved, the man uttered 2 simple words that instantly made the liars wish they’d left the couple alone.

Although terrorist attacks that slaughter dozens are a useful tactic for pressuring adherence to Sharia law, Muslims in powerful Western nations have discovered an easier, more effective way to force the majority into submission. By relentlessly accusing non-Muslims of racism, hate, and Islamophobia, all speech and action considered un-Islamic are being curtailed as the majority fears social, legal, or physical retaliation. In this case, technology is a valuable ally, and unfortunately for the Muslim accusers, it’s practically on every corner.

While walking through the Baker Street tube station in London, England, Aniso Abulkadir and her Muslim companions claimed that they were savagely brutalized by Pawel Uczciwek and his girlfriend for absolutely no reason. The Muslimas went to social media to accuse the man of trying to pull off her hijab, hitting her, and spitting in her friend’s face in a “race hate attack,” Daily Mail reports.

However, the Muslim accuser’s story quickly began falling apart when the man announced that he had gone to the police in order to obtain and release “CCTV footage” showing that it was actually the Muslims who attacked him and his fiance because he is dating a black woman, prompting a hate crime investigation on the Muslim women.

“I would like to confirm I never hit or attacked anyone I simply defused the situation by separating them,” Uczciwek wrote. “The police is fully cooperating with me and will be able to obtain CCTV footage showing the three women attempting to attack my partner because we are in an interracial relationship.”

Despite there being surveillance cameras to capture the incident, Abulkadir never once called for the footage to be released. In fact, she has solely taken to Twitter in a terrifying bid to invoke online bullying and violence against Uczciwek and his girlfriend.

Luxi Rajeswaran, one of the accusers, also launched her own witch hunt against the couple, urging potential terrorists to “find them.” Now, the couple is receiving serious threats from friends of Abulkadir who’ve taken her accusation as absolute fact, Mirror reports.

“These two at Baker Street station were racially abusive, the man tried to pull my friends headscarf off and pushed me against a wall, find them,” Rajeswaran wrote on Twitter. “I’d just like to take a moment to emphasise on my disgust on the people who witnessed a grown man pull an 18 year olds hijab and remain silent. Believe me, there were more than 20 to 30 people and not a single person helped. People just watched and filmed, ****** pathetic.”

The women’s accusations are filled with as many holes as the thousands of fake hate crimes being reported by Muslims across the West. Although they claim that dozens of bystanders witnessed the crime, not one video has surfaced in an age in which nearly every incident is filmed.

In fact, Abulkadir even admitted that despite “trembling” from fear, she managed to pull out her cell phone, snap a photo of the couple, and put it away instead of filming the event as proof of the abuse she and her friends allegedly suffered. Additionally, the Muslim women have remained eerily silent about the notion that there is surveillance footage that captured the entire ordeal. In fact, only Uczciwek has called for the footage to be released.

Additionally, the women have weaponized the tired race card to defend not their race, whatever that may be, but their religious beliefs. This tactic is used by Muslims to intimidate, silence, and invoke punishment upon non-Muslims, regardless of any actual race in question. Despite their own prophet Muhammad owning black slaves and racially abusing them, these Muslimas once again play the victim of racism, which cannot exist against an ideology.

We can only wait for the footage to be released, clearing the air once and for all. Of course, if the video proves that the couple was attacked, we will never hear another word from the mainstream media. Indeed, there is much money to be made in Islamic propaganda portraying Muslims as victims. However, the effects of social jihad on our liberties is far more costly. It is time for Muslims to be held accountable for their religion’s violent and oppressive commands and their devout members’ subjugation of more unbelievers than any other religion in history.

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