Lying Muslim Professor, Who Got Christian Student Expelled, Hit With Sweet Karma

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A college professor maliciously had a Christian student expelled and filed a false police report against him simply because he challenged her religion. However, after reports of her bigotry spread like wildfire, the educator was slapped with a brutal dose of her own medicine.

Shortly after Rollins College Professor Areej Zufari (left) got Marshall Polston (right) suspended for disagreeing with her, sordid information, that she’d hoped would stay hidden, surfaced. (Photo Source: Americans Against Hate, Scribd, ABC-7)

After conservative Christian Marshall Polston defended his religious beliefs against his Middle Eastern & Muslim Humanities professor, Areej Zufari, he knew he was facing bigotry. The straight-A student recognized her attempts to repress him when he received a failing grade on his essay following their exchange, a grade for which she refused to give any kind of explanation. Unfortunately for him, her wrath didn’t end there.

Zufari not only protected a Muslim student who called for the execution of offenders of Sharia law, she also convinced the Rollins College dean of safety to expel Polston. Unsatisfied with merely suspending Polston, Zufari filed a police report against him, alleging that he was stalking her. Polston easily disproved her claims with receipts and video surveillance footage of himself miles away in Orlando.

Although Zufari’s intolerance, malice, and falsifying a police report are enough to at least earn her a misdemeanor and removal from her teaching position, what was just uncovered about her is even more incriminating.

According to the Central Florida Post, Zufari has been engaged in a long-term affair with Maher Ghawji, a Syrian immigrant who has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda and has been under surveillance by the FBI — but that’s not all. Her lover’s wife, Rosine Ghawji, has come forward to reveal that Zufari has tried to indoctrinate their children with jihadist beliefs. Of course, Rosine would know this considering that she has worked as an FBI informant for several years to inform them of her husband’s and Zufari’s terrorist ties.

Rosine has provided the FBI with correspondence between Maher and designated terrorist organizations. However, Zufari is just as guilty. Court documents show that she made multiple trips with Maher to conduct “targeting and surveillance” of American interests in Seattle.

Lying Muslim Prof. Who Got Christian Student Expelled Hit With Sweet Karma
Court documents show that Zufari aided terrorist organizations and was the mistress of Maher Ghawji, a terrorist advocate who was on the FBI watch list. (Photo Source: Scribd)

In addition, Maher’s letters to his brother detail his desire to “radicalize” his children to become murderous jihadists, for which he enlisted Zufari’s assistance. Maher also openly admitted his religiously-motivated anti-Semitism in court, stating that he is awaiting Islam’s promised “angel” who will help Muslims “fight the Jew.”

As mentioned in the previous report, Zufari campaigned for terror-tied Muslim speakers as the leader in the Central Florida Muslim community. While she silences and manipulates the law to reprimand Polston, she spearheaded efforts to bring Sheikh Abdur-Rahman Al-Sudais, an imam who commanded the “annihilation” of Jews and the death of Americans.

While serving in the Islamic Society of Central Florida, Zufari promoted an event and raised funds for Imam Siraj Wihaj, a Muslim leader who was designated by the U.S. Attorney as a co-conspirator in the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center.

Sickeningly, it has been revealed that Zufari coerced one of her students to lie in the police report against Polston. Now that the proof of his innocence has been submitted to the authorities, both Zufari and her pupil-accomplice should be removed from campus and charged with filing a false police report.

Disturbingly, one of Polston’s classmates has come forward to testify that Zufari and another student conspired against him.

“I told her that the only person who has committed a crime here is Professor Zufari, who blatantly lied to the police.” The female student continued by encouraging Mr. Polston to file a counter-report. “See who will win the system,” the female student proclaimed, possibly eluding to the fact that she was conspiring with others to share false information with authorities.

Zufari and the student know that being a Muslim woman typically means that you are given special privilege from political correctness that exempts them from the law. However, there is simply too much incriminating evidence for authorities to ignore, and the more we continue to circulate this information, the better chance there is for justice.

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