Images Of Macy’s Shooter’s Social Media Expose Political & Religious Beliefs

New information has been unveiled about Arcan Cetin, the Cascade Mall shooter who murdered 5 people in Burlington, Washington Friday at a Macy’s store. Bombshell images taken from Cetin’s social media pages expose some very damning evidence about the Turkish immigrant’s motivation and also show which way Cetin leans in American politics. The left is going to have a very hard time spinning this one.

Still image of Cetin on Macy’s security video (Source: Spectator)

Initial media reports about the man who opened fire in a Macy’s store at the Cascade Mall on Friday described him as a Hispanic male. That was later proven to be false. After Arcan Cetin was identified and arrested on Saturday, information has surfaced that he was actually born in Turkey.

Almost immediately after Cetin’s identity was released, many media agencies began digging into his social media accounts, and what was discovered leaves little doubt about his Muslim motivations. However, one other detail about Cetin’s political preferences was also discovered, which won’t fit well with the left’s typical narrative after a mass shooting happens in the United States.

The New York Times identified Cetin’s Twitter and Facebook pages and pointed out that, on Facebook, he indicates that his hometown is Adana, Turkey. However, Cetin is a legal immigrant and a permanent resident of the US, officials say. It’s also been reported that the guns Cetin used to murder five people at that mall, were stolen from his father and, therefore, possessed by him illegally.

Arcan Cetin’s Facebook page, stating his hometown as being Adana, Turkey (Source: Facebook)

The website Heavy did more digging and discovered other social media accounts belonging to Arcan Cetin, using his verified Facebook and Twitter accounts and photos to make the connection. Using a set of photos from Cetin’s Twitter account, Heavy identified two Tumblr pages that also belong to him.

Set of photos from Cetin’s Twitter account which also appear on his Tumblr accounts with URL’s including “arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47″ and “Meowfraulein” (Source: Twitter via Heavy)

The posts on each of his Tumblr accounts indicate that he holds Islamic beliefs and an admiration for tyrannical Muslim leaders. In the following post on Cetin’s arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47 (aka Arcan Cetin) Tumblr page, it contains the phrase “Subhan Allah,” which is an Islamic phrase meaning Glory be to Allah. “Jannah” is a term for the Muslim paradise.

On Arcan Cetin’s Tumblr page, a post references Allah &  a response mentions Jannah. (Source: Heavy)

An image on his meowfraulein (aka Rawrrr) Tumblr page, which links back to his Arcan Cetin page, reflects his obvious admiration for Islamic terrorist leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The comment under it says, “My main dude, Abu bakr al big daddy. #al qaeda.

Photo of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi posted on Cetin’s meowfraulein Tumblr page (Source: Tumblr)

Also posted on Cetin’s meowfraulein Tumblr page is an image of another of his apparent idols, Ali Khamenei. The message he posted with this photo seems confusing, but if it is to be taken literally, then it’s disgusting.

Photo posted on Cetin’s meowfraulein Tumblr account, linking back to his arcanmotherrussiavodkaandak47 account. The caption reads, “My other dood Ali Come on me. Supreme burrito of iran.” (Source: Tumblr)

In addition to Arcan Cetin’s obvious roots in Islam, he is also apparently a fan of Hillary Clinton, as a January post on his Twitter page indicates.

Screen capture of Cetin’s Twitter post indicating that he would vote for Hillary Clinton for president (Source: Twitter)

It’s unclear how he planned to cast his “vote for Hillary Clinton,” considering he is not reported to be a naturalized citizen, but given his obvious Islamic ideology and his apparent support of Hillary, it’s likely that he would have found a way, albeit illegally.

Even with the new information about Cetin’s religious and political leanings, there are still many questions that remain unanswered. The most important being, how did he manage to stay under Homeland Security and the FBI’s radar when he so blatantly idolized Islamic leaders and ISIS terrorists all over social media as an immigrant from Turkey?

This latest incident of domestic terrorism proves, once again, that we are endangering ourselves by allowing immigrants from Muslim countries into the United States. Anyone who thinks that Muslims who hold Sharia as supreme law will assimilate to American laws, customs, and values is lying to themselves and putting innocent American lives at risk.


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