‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Shows How He Got His Name, Liberals Lose Their Minds As He Utters 1 Word

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‘Mad Dog’ Mattis Shows How He Got His Name, Liberals Lose Their Minds As He Utters 1 Word
President Donald Trump (left), Secretary of Defense James Mattis (right) (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons, Twitter)

It doesn’t take much for the snowflakes on the left to start melting, and they recently went to prove just that. As it turns out, Defense Secretary James “Mad Dog” Mattis was speaking to sailors in the Navy when he decided to prove how he got his nickname – and all it took was just one word for liberals to lose their ever-loving minds.

The incident took place as Mattis was speaking earlier this month about serving in the U.S. Navy. Taking place at Naval Base Kitsap, in Washington state, he was addressing the sailors when he said that they would not regret their service – but that’s not all.

As it turns out, the left has gone into full blown meltdown mode after the man showed exactly how he got his “Mad Dog” nickname. In fact, all it took was a single word he uttered for liberals across the nation to collectively lose their minds.

According to BizPac Review, Mattis eventually praised the sailors for not being “some p*ssy sitting on the sidelines.” Before long, the politically incorrect term quickly spread around before NBC News went so far as to call it a “disparaging term” in one of their headlines.

As released by the Pentagon, a transcript of the Secretary of Defense’s words read in part:

You will have some of the best days of your life and some of the worst days of your life in the U.S. Navy, you know what I mean? That says — that means you’re living. That means you’re living. That means you’re not some p*ssy sitting on the sidelines, you know what I mean, kind of sitting there saying, “Well, I should have done something with my life.” Because of what you’re doing now, you’re not going to be laying on a shrink’s couch when you’re 45 years old, say “What the hell did I do with my life?” Why?Because you served others; you served something bigger than you. [Source: U.S. Department of Defense]

Mattis later went on to wish out loud that he was “young enough to go back out to sea.” Of course, if he did, he may not recognize the military for what it once was, given the toll that politics has taken. At this point, the guy can’t even say a word that means nothing more than “coward” without someone having a full-blown aneurysm.

Then again, he isn’t one to really concern himself with the opinions of others. In fact, it wasn’t long before people on social media were pointing just that out to all the complainers:

In the end, the U.S. military is supposed to be the fiercest fighting force in the world full of what is supposed to be the leanest, meanest warriors this country has to offer. Of course, we want to look tough. Of course, we want to be tough. It’s easy to see how so many have forgotten this after Barack Obama neutered our military for 8 long years.

The left apparently thinks those fighting for us should be delicate little flowers who care about the feelings of others. I would invite these soft liberals to spend one night in the cabin, sleeping alongside real warriors. My guess is, these idiots wouldn’t last the night before they broke down crying for mommy.