Maddow IMPLODES: More Bad News After She Proves Trump Paid Higher Taxes

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President Donald Trump (left), Rachel Maddow (right)

In what is turning out to be one of the biggest fails on live TV, Rachel Maddow promised her fellow liberals some devastating news after she revealed that she had obtained President Donald Trump’s tax returns. Maddow not only failed to deliver, she proved the president paid a higher tax rate than MSNBC and other big-time Democratic politicians. Now, the bad news just keeps rolling in for Maddow, and you’re going to love this.

Rachel Maddow is reeling after she committed career suicide by proving the president paid a substantially higher tax rate than her own employer MSNBC and two other big time liberal politicians. In fact, Maddow is the butt of jokes after she gave Donald Trump one of the biggest gifts by revealing his 2005 tax returns.

It all started two hours before Maddow took to the airwaves, tweeting that she had obtained a copy of Trump’s tax returns. That went viral with the liberal loons reacting with glee, thinking that this spelled Trump’s demise. It was the complete opposite, leaving Maddow looking like the biggest idiot ever.

Maddow proved that Trump paid $38 million in taxes in 2005, a much higher rate than Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and even more than the super wealthy Mitt Romney. Obama paid 19% in 2015, according to Fox News, and Townhall reports, “Trump paid a higher percentage of his income in taxes in 2005 than Mitt Romney did in 2011 and Bernie Sanders did in 2014. In 2005, Trump paid 25 percent of his income in taxes, compared to Sanders’ 13.5 percent in 2014.”

Rachel Maddow’s performance was so bad that Tucker Carlson was reporting on her show live with updates. After Maddow failed to deliver anything but great news for Donald Trump, Carlson and Kimberly Guilfoyle were laughing, comparing her report to nothing but fake news. Others were calling it the worst hyped news story since Geraldo Rivera’s Al Capone vault story.

Slate Magazine, a far leftist publication, mocked Maddow after she failed to deliver, but it gets worse. Slate reported that Maddow got so desperate that she started echoing conspiracy theories about Trump and the Russians. According to Maddow, back in 2005, Russia knew Trump would be president in 2016 so they had a Russian oligarch purchase one of his properties and pay him more than it was worth.

“She [Maddow] then launched into a long hypothetical about a particular Russian oligarch’s possible relationship to Trump that touched on Florida real estate, Deutsche Bank, and Preet Bharara, that Trump’s tax returns—though not, as it would turn out, the ones she actually had—could conceivably clear up.” [via Slate Magazine]

The kicker is, the nutjob liberals are blaming Trump, saying he must have “leaked” his own 2005 tax returns to Maddow in an effort to set her up. CNBC, who is owned by the same parent company as MSNBC, is reporting what Maddow’s guest David Cay Johnston said. Johnson is the guy who said he found Trump’s tax returns in his mailbox, and he just happens to be a well-known Trump hater.

“By the way, let me point out that it’s entirely possible that Donald Trump sent this to me. Donald Trump has, over the years, leaked all sorts of things,” said Johnston, according to CNBC. As this guy Johnston and Maddow know, publicly revealing someone’s tax returns without their permission is illegal.

If Trump did set this up, he is a genius. This was such a win for Donald Trump, proving all his critics wrong, like Hillary Clinton who kept hammering Trump, saying he hadn’t paid taxes in twenty years. No surprise, she lied again. The liberals are gasping for their last breaths as they refuse to come to terms with reality. They lost the election, not because of Russia, not because of WikiLeaks, but because the American people were tired of their crap and wanted to make America great again. It’s that simple.

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