Malia’s Shocking Debut In Music Video Gives Her Parents Nasty ‘Hollywood’ Surprise

Malia Obama has just made her debut in a new music video, and it’s causing quite a stir. The Harvard sophomore has been long interested in the limelight, previously interning for the disgraced Harvey Weinstein. Now, she’s giving her parents, Barack and Michelle Obama, a nasty “Hollywood” surprise. Don’t miss this.

Michelle Obama (left), Malia Obama (middle), Barack Obama (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screenshot, YouTube/Screenshot, Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Malia Obama is making her first music video appearance, lip syncing and jamming to an indie rock band. The 20-year-old daughter of former President Obama is seen in a recently released video for the New Dakotas’ song, “Walking on Air.”

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The BBC reports, “Their songs have yet to make much of a splash on music app Spotify, where the most popular got just more than 2,000 listens. Their last video, meanwhile, got 1,500 views on video site YouTube. The one featuring Barack Obama’s oldest daughter – entitled Walking on Air – has racked more than four times as many in a week.”

The brief glimpses of Obama in the video show her sporting a knit cap and oversized shirt as she mouths the lyrics to the upbeat tune. Obama also looks dramatically directly into the camera as she dances and pretends to rock out for a harmonica solo.

Immediately, TMZ plastered Malia’s performance all over their website. “MALIA OBAMA ROCKS OUT IN MUSIC VIDEO …Dances, Plays Mouth Harp,” is their title for an article that states, “She appears at 1:41 and again at 2:01 in the video. Malia’s a sophomore and is set to graduate in 2021. This isn’t the former First Daughter’s entre into showbiz.” But there’s more.

This couldn’t make Michelle and Barack too happy, especially since it’s quite clear Malia is sending them another message loud and clear: she isn’t going to become an attorney and follow in their footsteps.

Nope, Malia got bit with the Hollywood bug during her parent’s years in the White House where they welcomed to the West Wing for private birthday parties and concerts an array of rappers whose lyrics reflected their exploits and Hollywood lifestyle.

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The Obamas only have themselves to blame inviting over 10 rappers to party at the White House. One named “Push T” was in an obviously drunken state bragging about attending Barack’s 55th birthday at the White House.

Barack and Michelle sent Malia to Harvard, but now that she is making music videos and seems to love the limelight, she wants that celebrity lifestyle. They allowed her to intern for the disgusting Harvey Weinstein, at just 18-years-old, where she was exposed to God knows what. But even prior to that, when she just turned 17, she was interning for the sexually amoral Lena Dunham, on the very “R” rated HBO show “Girls.”

Even at 16-years-old, the Obamas allowed her to become a “PA” on Halle Berry’s show “Extant.” According to a July 2015 US Weekly article, “But despite her young age, this isn’t Malia’s first foray into the entertainment industry. Last summer (2014), she worked as a production assistant for Halle Berry’s CBS show Extant.”

Malia has every right to follow whatever career choice she chooses, but it’s quite obvious she wants a career with the Hollywood crowd, and you have to think the Obamas must be wondering, “how did this happen?” Yet, it was Barack and Michelle who indulged their daughter by sending a 15-year-old girl into the Hollywood scene, and we know what happens to kids who get involved in the debauchery surrounding Hollywood at an early age.

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The Obamas used the White House on weekends as their own personal Hollywood Hills mansion. Rappers like Killer Mike, Ludacris, Common, and Nicki Minaj were guests. Malia grew up mesmerized by these losers, and now she is following in their footsteps. Barack and Michelle will now reap what they have sown.

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