CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Malia Obama Appears High As A Kite, Writhes On The Ground

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Former first daughter Malia Obama was caught on video in the throws of what appears to be a drug-fueled rage at the Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago on Friday.

Reports have surfaced in the past that Malia Obama has taken after her father when it comes to experimenting with illegal substances. Troubling video footage seems to corroborate these claims, as the former first daughter looks to be high as a kite. Over the weekend, Malia was caught on video writhing on the ground in public.

Malia Obama has spent the last year living it up. Instead of heading to college right out of high school, she took a “gap year” to let her hair down, work as an intern for one of her dad’s elite liberal buddies, and enjoy several lavish vacations. Most recently, she took a luxury trip to Bali with her family in June. When you’re the daughter of a former president who is famous for freeloading, you do these sort of things.

Now, with her gap year coming to a close and classes at Harvard starting up in just a few weeks, the 19-year-old appears to be making the most of her final days of freedom. Having just wrapped up her cushy internship with producer Harvey Weinstein in New York, Malia spent Friday night partying in her old hometown.

Video obtained by TMZ shows Malia and one of her girlfriends dancing wildly at Lollapalooza in Chicago. The former first daughter appears to be high on drugs, and whatever she was smoking this time was likely much more potent than marijuana.

Indeed, Malia’s behavior looks disturbingly similar to what we have seen in videos of Flakka users. Flakka, a highly-potent synthetic drug, has gained popularity relatively recently, with videos surfacing online of users acting completely belligerent and almost possessed. The illegal substance in her system, if anything, is unknown.

However, it’s difficult to imagine someone acting this way without being under the influence of some type of mind-altering drug. When was the last time you threw yourself on the ground and began flailing wildly while completely sober?

Malia has been a regular at Lollapalooza over the years and seems to create some sort of scandal each time she goes. Last year, Radar Online reported that she was seen smoking pot and an eyewitness even said that “you could smell the marijuana.” Daddy would be so proud.

This isn’t the first time Malia’s moves at Lollapalooza have landed her in the headlines.

Last year a video popped up of Malia twerking with friends during a performance at the festival.

The high school graduate was criticized for skipping Hillary Clinton’s historic speech at the Democratic National Convention to attend the event in her hometown.

Another video allegedly showed Obama’s eldest puffing on a suspicious cigarette during the festival. [Source: Daily Mail]

Apparently, Malia isn’t the type who can simply attend a music festival to relax and enjoy the bands with her friends; she has to get high and/or writhe around on the grass like a damned fool. Sadly, this “adult” woman is supposed to be a role model for young girls.

Malia Obama certainly does not appear to be Harvard material, but she is the daughter of our nation’s first black president, so she doesn’t have to be. She could literally spend the next four years showing up late to class, turning in papers that are barely coherent, and cementing her reputation as a regular on the university party scene, yet still receive a degree afterward, plus unwarranted acclaim from the mainstream media when she graduates. Kind of makes you sick, doesn’t it?

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