Malia Obama Vid Leaked, Disgust At What She Was Doing Away From DNC

Obama Daughter Vid Leaked, Disgust At What She Was Doing Away From DNC
Malia Obama (left), Malia in screenshot from video (right)

As liberals dream of a legacy of Obamas passing through the White House as president, starting with Michelle and followed by first daughter Malia, leaked cell phone footage shows exactly why that’s never going to happen. Malia was too busy to attend the Democratic National Convention this week because she was caught up in something she thought was more important, and it has some citizens fuming.

Leftist media darling, Malia Obama, has been made out to be the picture of the perfect presidential daughter, which was likely an intentional political move to compare to the Bush twins, who also lived their adolescence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue but were looked at far less favorably. However, the seats at the DNC to be occupied by the first family were looking rather vacant, since Malia opted out of pretending like she cared that Hillary Clinton was making history by becoming the first female to be nominated for president by a major political party.

Showing that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, Malia is just like her mom in using Barack’s position to her advantage by rubbing elbows with music industry elite — and it didn’t come at any small cost to taxpayers. When given the option to show that she’s the responsible supportive daughter the media claims her to be, she chose to attend the Lollapalooza concert over the convention, surrounded by drunk guys instead of Democrats, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Considering the type of venue and people in attendance, Malia’s Secret Service detail was likely at least double that of most events, which Americans paid for. The first daughter was seen in someone’s cellphone footage, rocking out to Cashmere Cat’s performance on Thursday night while her father and all of their deflectors probably hoped nobody noticed that she wasn’t at the convention. We all know the Bush twins would have been raked over the coals for not attending the RNC in their father’s day.

While there is nothing wrong with a teenager acting her age and attending concerts, there is something wrong when the media acts like she’s completely proper and far better than the Bush twins, who also attended events like this and were reamed for their “irresponsibility” in doing so. It just goes to prove that the double standard runs deep in liberal media, who wants Americans to believe that this girl and her party-central mom who has turned the White House into a concert venue for racist Beyoncé on occasion are far superior in respect than their Republican counterparts.

This family has made it clear throughout both of Barack’s presidential terms, that they are more focused on the fame and the fun that comes from a presidential father than the politics and respect for that position.

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