Malia Obama’s Caught Spreading Trump-Hating Posts On Social Media, Regrets It

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Malia Obama was just caught with secret social media accounts, and she has no problem sharing anti-Trump posts. This was all confirmed when online sleuths found Joe Biden’s granddaughter commenting on Malia’s Trump-hating page. The 20-year-old was also caught having a boozy pool-side sunbathing session this weekend in Miami with an $80 dollar bottle of wine. Now, reports claim Michelle and Barack are livid and poor Malia is really regretting it all. Don’t miss this.

Malia Obama in Miami (left), President Donald Trump (right) (Photo Credit: Daily Mail Video/Screenshot, Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Malia Obama loves the limelight, and for a 20-year-old who was brought up partying with the Hollywood crowd, that’s all she knows. The Harvard student wasn’t too careful as she posted on a secret Facebook account which shows her true feelings about President Donald Trump.

“Malia Obama described President Trump as ‘evil’ on a secret Facebook page where she exchanges messages friends including Joe Biden’s granddaughter,” according to DailyMail. “The Facebook page operates under a pseudonym and does not appear to have been publicly updated since 2017.”

They added, “Its cover photograph is of a row of pink post-it notes which read: ‘Donald Trump is President,’ ‘This is not normal’, ‘Donald Trump is evil’ and ‘Don’t be complacent.’ Among the comments written beneath the photograph is one by Biden’s 20-year-old granddaughter Finnegan. She said: ‘Never saw this. I like it.'” But that’s not all.

Malia Obama’s secret Facebook page

This past weekend, the daughter of Barack and Michelle was caught boozing it up in Miami. “Malia Obama’s wild girls-only weekend continued on Sunday with a boozy pool-side sunbathing session,” Daily Mail reported. “The 20-year-old and her friends had an $80 bottle of rosé – which they drank from wine glasses.”

“Dressed in a black swimsuit the former First-Daughter seemed giggly as she walked to the pool. Malia doesn’t turn 21 until July 4 and could be in hot water with parents Barack and Michelle for drinking,” added the Daily Mail. “The exclusive five-star resort is said to regularly be frequented by the Kardashians, and Britney Spears.”

Reports said that “the Harvard student could be in for a real scolding from her parents, Barack and Michelle, after her latest pool-side antics.” There is no way Malia wasn’t aware she was being photographed. And there is one thing the leftist media refuses to point out about the former first daughter’s friends — they are all white rich kids.

Sure, we have no problem with that. But we all know Barack and Michelle used their years in the White House to preach about the top 1% while they pretended to be just plain middle-class folks. Obama also played the race card and divided Americans. Yet, when it comes to their precious daughters, they send them to the most elite schools and Malia seems to be at home with white kids. It’s really is ironic.

Well, the internet lit up over Malia’s recent shenanigans. Right away, one of Michelle’s friends, April Reign, was very upset with Malia. She tweeted, “Hey y’all. Don’t click on those articles about Malia Obama. Don’t give them the clicks and the revenue. Malia was drinking rosé at a party in Miami. She needs better friends. That’s it. That’s the story.”

Notice how April Reign says Malia Obama needs “better friends?” We think Malia is responsible for her own actions. Ms. Reign seems to have an issue that Michelle’s daughter hangs out with white girls.

Malia also changed into a small white bikini, and that made headlines. “Former First Daughter Malia Obama Flaunts Bikini Body In Miami.” tweeted “Website of Everything.”

Americans also reacted to her Trump-hating Facebook page. “The daughter of President Evil said that Trump is evil? Girl, you need to look at your father to know what evil truly is,” posted Steven Sturman.

Really it’s no shocker Malia hates our president. But if this was Ivanka Trump caught posting hate-filled messages about Barack Obama, we all know the mainstream media would go nuts.

Malia Obama was set loose by her parents at age 17 when they allowed her to take that internship with Harvey Weinstein. There is no way the Obamas had not heard about Weinstein’s exploits, yet they sent Malia into that sick world without a second thought.

The 20-year-old Harvard student has a real attraction to the good life, but who can blame her? No one wishes her ill. She is the product of Barack and Michelle, and at times like this, it shows. Here’s hoping she rises above her parentage and she doesn’t go down the wrong path that we all know can lead to only sorrow.

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