Malia Obama’s White Friends Are On Black Lives Matter ‘Hit List,’ This Will Blow Your Mind

Malia Obama is halfway through her first term at Harvard University, and recently, she was caught by the celebrity outlet TMZ smoking and kissing a white guy at a tailgate party. It was really no big deal since she is 19 years old, but what is shocking is the growing upset from Black Lives Matter idiots who are threatening her “white friends,” and not only is there blatant racism going on, there’s something evil lurking that’s threatening us all.

Malia Obama (left), stock image of a “Black girl beating up white girl” for visual representation purposes only (right) (Photo Credit: YouTube/Screengrab, JuJu/Twitter)

African-Americans who identify with Black Lives Matter and who buy into the narrative that all whites are “out to get them” are taking quite an interest in the life of Malia Obama. From all accounts and videos, Malia seems to have friends who are mostly white. This isn’t something most of us have even thought about, but it is something that the Black Lives Matter types are very aware of.

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They also blame “conservatives,” who they claim are “racists,” for what TMZ published. “Too bad that because Malia Obama’s father was the first black president and very much hated by racists  conservatives across the nation, her actions are being politicized and used to malign her father,” reports The Root. But, it gets worse.

“[W]hy are Malia Obama’s friends making it all the more easier for the world to know things about her that invite needless scrutiny? A few of us have questioned if she had more Black people around her — as far as her friendships and classmates go — would we know less about her business? I always encourage us [Blacks] to be around more of us [Blacks],” reports Essence Magazine.

That sparked hostile BLM racists to threaten Malia’s “white friends” on social media. One tweet shows two African-American girls beating up a white girl with the statement, “Me fighting Malia Obama Fake ass friends when I see them in the streets.” It should be noted that it was Barack Obama himself who invited BLM to the White House and praised them as much as possible.

Kimberly Foster, a leading voice in movements like Black Lives Matter, wrote, “What strikes me about all of the photos that attempt to put Malia on blast isn’t that she’s drinking or smoking. It’s the complexion of the room. Each of these spaces is overwhelmingly white, and that can’t be a coincidence. I know from my upbringing in cushy, midwest suburbs that not only are white kids reckless, but they have little to lose.”

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I don’t care what your ethnic background is, this type of blatant racism chills me to the bone. It is the norm now with these groups like Black Lives Matter, who also targets the police. Martin Luther King Jr. is turning over in his grave. He said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

The hatred for all white people is exactly the same evil racism Martin Luther King Jr. fought against. Kimberly Foster ends her epic piece on Malia by saying, “If Malia can’t be part of a Black Girl Squad, I just hope these raggedy white folks will take it upon themselves to respect her privacy.”

Two TMZ reporters who worked on Malia Obama stories. (Photo Credit: TMZ Video/Screengrab)

Maybe Kimberly Foster doesn’t know that at TMZ there are several African-Americans who have reported on Malia Obama. As children, we learn people are not good or bad due to their skin color, we also learn growing up that there are those who hate and racial hate comes from ignorance.

These Black Lives Matter racists are no different than the Ku Klux Klan. They should be designated a terrorist organization. They are a scourge in America, and they hate the cops as much as they hate whites. Kimberly Foster says she graduated from Harvard, so she can’t really complain that racist white people have “kept her down.”

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Their rhetoric is dangerous, and all American patriots who value what this country was founded on should be informed of the threat that Black Lives Matter and similar groups present. Nazis, Ku Klux Klan, and Black Lives Matter all hold the same sick beliefs, they have no place in America.

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