Malia Obama Video Leaked, Turns Out She’s Worse Than The Bush Twins

A video is going viral after Malia Obama was caught out and about, “mingling” with the public. Unfortunately, it seems that yet another member of the First Family has embarrassed the nation after what she was seen doing.

As Mad World News previous reported, Malia Obama was seen skipping out of the Democratic National Convention as she headed over to Lollapalooza, the annual music fest in Chicago. There’s nothing wrong with a teenager going to a concert, but just imagine what the liberal media would say if the Bush twins did what’s seen in the video below:

Beyond the fact that the royal wannabe decided to head out at a cost to the American taxpayers, it seems that’s not the only way the 18-year-old honored her parents in her likeness. As it turns out, it seems that dear Malia also paid tribute to her mother in only a way fitting of the Obamas – by acting like ghetto trash.

All caught on video, the President Obama’s daughter could be seen lifting her skirt to the point of showing off her underwear and lower buttocks, but it got worse from there. Without a second thought, Malia then began to twerk – a sexually provocative dance in which a female shakes her backside.

Vid Of Malia Obama In Public Leaks, Turns Out She’s Ghetto Trash Like Mom
Malia Obama (right) making mom and dad proud

Now, there are many out there saying that Malia is simply “being a teenager” or that there was nothing wrong with what she did – but is that the case? The First Family should certainly be held to a much higher standard. Look at how the media treated George Bush’s daughters a few years back, but I suppose that was ok since they were the white daughters of a Republican president.

Of course, this is what we’ve come to expect as the embarrassment of the Obama family continues to live in the White House. However, most Americans would agree that this beyond unacceptable. People have been saying for years now that Michelle Obama is ghetto trash, and as it turns out, her daughter is following that example. I guess you can take the person out of the ghetto, but not, well, you know the rest.