Man Waiting For Wife Caught In ‘Private’ Act When Girl looked Inside His Car

Man Waiting For Wife Caught In Sick Act By Girl Who Looked Inside His Car
Big Top Market in Wyoming, Michigan (left), Screenshot from recorded footage of this incident (right)

While walking through the parking lot to get to the store, a shopper caught a glimpse of a rotund man hanging out inside his car. When something didn’t seem right about what he was doing, she stopped to watch and was absolutely disgusted by what she saw.

In an era where every passerby is armed with the ability to record any and everything they see on a cellphone, it’s best to be aware of what you’re doing in public, if you don’t want to be incriminated for it on social media. Better yet, just be a decent human being so you’re not subjected to the court of public opinion or convicted of an actual crime, as could be the case with this degenerate.

Many men are well aware that when their wife goes into any kind of shopping center and says she’ll just “be a minute,” they’re in for a lengthy wait. One Michigan man counted on that fact and got really comfortable in his car. Despite being parked in a busy lot, where families were walking through, he did what he wanted in full view, much to the horror of one witness, who recorded him in the act.

According to the Daily Mirror, the lazy man was parked outside the Big Top Market in the town of Wyoming, with his wife taking her time inside. At some point during the wait, nature called, and he had to urinate. Rather than taking the sanitary route of going inside the store to use the facilities, he chose to relieve himself from the comfort of his car, as a female witness watched in shock.

The man is seen pulling down his pants, then his white underwear, before grabbing a big cup from the console and peeing in it. There’s no word on what he did with the urine mug after the fact, but if he left it inside his ride, hopefully he gave his wife a heads up about what was in the cup, before she accidentally took a big swig.

Man Waiting For Wife Caught In Sick Act By Girl Who Looked Inside His Car
Screenshot from recorded footage of this incident

Peeing in public is more than just a disgusting and inappropriate thing to do, it could plague this guy for life by being labeled as a sex offender. Opposing Views reports that in the state of Michigan, public urination is a criminal offense, and since doing it exposes one’s genitals, the guilty party could earn a spot on the sex offender registry.

It’s disgustingly lazy to pee in a cup in a car when you’re just a short walk from a bathroom. More importantly, nobody wants to walk up on your bathroom behavior on their way in to grab some groceries.