Man Gets Custody Of Baby To Put Him To Sick Use As Soon As They Come Home

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A drug-addicted mother gave birth to a baby boy in prison and gave him up to Isaac Hernandez who was all too eager to get home with the infant. As soon as the new father stepped in the front door with the brand new baby in tow, he enacted his sickening plan that a judge referred to as the worst he’s ever seen.

Isaac Hernandez (left), Sylys Hernandez (right)

Little Sylys Hernandez was welcomed into this world in a prison cell by a mother who is serving time on a methamphetamine conviction. As bad as her drug-riddled womb was for him, life outside of it was worse when the baby’s father, Isaac, said he wanted custody of the child. Despite friends and family members pleading with the woman to allow them to raise her little boy, her pact with the father was more important.

Since the day Isaac brought the baby home, the 26-year-old inflicted torture on this child who never saw a single day of joy from the time of his birth. Friends stopped by Issac’s home in Nampa, Idaho to visit on occasion and thought something seemed amiss with the child, but the horrific truth didn’t come out until after Sylys died as a result of what his father had been doing to him.

According to 12 News, from the time Isaac became the custodial parent of this boy, he used the child as a punching bag of abuse to get his aggression out. Not a day went by that Sylys wasn’t injured in some way then left unattended in his pain, suffering a total of twenty-six fractures to his ribs, two broken legs, and a torn frenulum in his mouth believed to be caused by face punches.

The long list of injuries was amassed in just three months before he was found dead in his crib with additional bruises on his face, wrists, hands, and penis. To make matters worse, authorities were aware of the abuse and could have stopped it, but they had an unbelievable response instead.

Man Gets Custody Of Baby To Put Him To Sick Use As Soon As They Come Home
Sylys Hernandez

Witnesses reported seeing Isaac throw punches at the baby’s abdomen and muffle his face with a blanket to get the boy to stop crying. Another acquaintance said Sylys screamed as she tried to change his diaper and didn’t know why until later when she learned that it was because his legs were broken and that he was in excruciating pain when she lifted his legs to clean his bottom. An anonymous caller reported Isaac to Child Protective Services, but caseworkers ruled that person’s report as unreliable and closed the case despite seeing obvious evidence on the child for themselves.

After three months of constant abuse and being ignored by authorities, Sylys was found dead, but his father got the benefit of the doubt yet again. Isaac was taken into custody and charged, but not with murder since the coroner couldn’t determine if the baby’s death resulted from manual suffocation or SIDS. As such, he was sentenced to just 26 years behind bars after pleading guilty to three counts of felony injury to a child.

The only justice for Sylys now will be that Isaac’s cellmates do what the court couldn’t and inflict on this father exactly what he did to his son. Perhaps after three months of the same torture, Isaac’s life will end the same way as his son’s life did.