Man Left Decapitated After Kinky Foreplay, His Lover Has Sick 5-Word Excuse

Stock photo for visual representation (left), Gabriele P and Alex H (right)

Nearly one decade ago, in the winter of 2008, a woman known as Gabriele P tied her lover up before the pair engaged in some very kinky foreplay, ultimately leading to the man’s decapitation. Incredibly, after only recently being busted, the woman attempted to explain it all away with just five words, and shockingly, it seems the judge bought her disturbing defense.

The 28-year-old victim, a man identified only as Alex H, wore diving goggles covered with masking tape, preventing him from seeing anything, during the pair’s sex session in their apartment in Munich, Germany. He apparently trusted Gabriele, his German girlfriend, enough to make himself so vulnerable, and his confidence in her was sorely misplaced.

Alex had asked Gabriele to tie him up, and she did. However, what came next was far from what he had anticipated getting out of their foreplay.

Having grown tired of her live-in boyfriend and wanting to move on with another man, Gabriele proceeded to inflict the maximum amount of pain on Alex before eventually killing him. With no way to see or fight back, he was entirely helpless to her assault.

First, Gabriele opened Alex’s chest with a blade. Then, she grabbed a circular saw which she kept for DIY projects and painstakingly sliced off her boyfriend’s head. She left the body in their apartment for months before enlisting the help of her new love interest, Christian K, to further dismember the remains and bury them in the garden.

Police say Gabriele imprisoned Alexander in the loft of the home they shared when she ‘tired’ of him in 2008.

In the nine years they had been together literature student Alexander and trainee teacher Gabriele threw wild sex parties in the house she had inherited from her grandmother.

She denies being the instigator of uninhibited group-sex romps in the building neighbours branded the ‘Hippy House’ and that she hatched the plot to murder him when she fell in love with someone else. [Source: World News Wiki]

“She wanted to be rid of him. We assume the man was in a state where he could not defend himself and where he could not know that he would be killed with a circular saw,” said prosecutor Thomas Steinkraus-Koch. “The accused has given information enhancing the action sequence of events that lead us to believe what happened wasn’t an accident.”

Alex’s murder only recently came to light after a friend of Gabriele’s heard what she had done and alerted police in 2016.

But Gabriele’s downfall came through her new partner who, after drinking at a party, made comments about what really happened to others.

He said he only helped her bury the body parts after discovering them accidentally in the loft.

The friends he spoke to went to the police with their suspicions and the house was raided in January this year. The dismembered body was dug up – but only bones remained.

Forensic medicine specialists were able to determine that the victim had been cut up alive with the saw. [Source: Daily Mail]

Although prosecutors in Munich State Court fought for Gabriele to be sent away for life, she was handed a paltry sentence of only 12-and-a-half years after giving the excuse that “the relationship was very difficult.” Clearly, more difficult for Alex than for her.

Perhaps after so many years, the suspect thought she had literally gotten away with murder, but secrets of this magnitude cannot remain buried forever. Twelve-and-a-half years is far too light a sentence for cutting your unsuspecting lover’s head off, but at least Alex’s family will finally have some closure.

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