Man Puts His Hands On 2-Year-Old Girl, What He Did Next Left Her Dead 3 Days Later

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Man Puts His Hands On 2-Year-Old Girl, What He Did Next Left Her Dead 3 Days Later
Richard Gamache Jr. (left), Addie Mae Chaney (center), Cheyenne Cook (right)

A man from St. Louis, Missouri, has found himself behind bars after he put his hands on his girlfriend’s innocent 2-year-old daughter. However, it’s what he did after initially touching the child that left her dead a mere three days later and the entire community in shock.

Richard Gamache Jr., 24, was hanging out with his girlfriend Cheyenne Cook and her daughter Addie Mae Chaney when he decided to put his hands around the toddler’s waist and pick her up. However, once he had hold of her, for no publicly known reason, he “lifted her above his shoulders and threw her” on the ground, according to Crime Online.

The incident, which initially happened on May 16, led to the little girl being taken to the hospital, suffering from seizures. Unfortunately, the wrestling-style moves resulted in the child’s death just three days later.

According to NY Post, “Jefferson County Sheriff David Marshak said detectives found ‘digital data’ exchanged between Gamache and Cook that documented the abuse, including communications related to concealing it.” He later admitted, “This child was essentially tortured.”

Since the police made the sick discovery, Gamache and Cook have both been arrested. Gamache is facing a charge of abuse or neglect of a child resulting in death. Cook is facing a charge of endangering the welfare of a child.

It’s a shame that an innocent 2-year-old girl has died because of a man’s irresponsible and sick actions, as well as her mother’s. It was reported that Addie’s organs have been donated to a Children’s hospital, and her family has launched a GoFundMe page to help cover her funeral expenses.

There is no reason for a man to pick up a child and slam them on the ground. It only takes an ounce of brains to know that it’s a bad idea and could leave the child seriously hurt or, like innocent Addie, dead. Obviously, we don’t know exactly what happened in the home when he decided to slam her on the ground, but one thing is for certain, she’s no longer here because of it and there’s no good reason he could ever give to make it okay.

Too many children have lost their lives at the hands of irresponsible, sick, and selfish individuals, almost making me wish there was a test people had to take and pass before they are allowed to be around children. Obviously, something needs to be done; too many children are no longer here because an “adult” was allowed into their lives, who only ended up hurting them.

It’s sickening, and I think we should handle these animals the same way we deal with dogs who attack children — it’s time to start putting these sickos down and setting an example to the rest of them. Those who hurt the most vulnerable among us won’t be tolerated in civilized society. If you act like a monster, you’ll be treated like one.