Man Loses Something BIG At Chick-Fil-A, But An Employee Found It First…

Man Drops Something BIG At Chick-Fil-A, Employee Does Something UnusualLunch for Victor Long at Chick-fil-A turned into an expensive outing, when one distracted oversight cost him $1,200. But lucky for Long, he had picked the right place to eat with honest staff members on duty that April 1 afternoon.

The restaurant patron had stopped for some of America’s favorite chicken on a break from his work as a lawyer in the town of Decatur, Georgia. Long’s next stop after lunch was to the bank, where he would deposit the $1,200 cash that he had stashed in his pocket, according to WXIA-TV.

He sat down alone at a table and began devouring his meal, when he suddenly got a phone call. Distracted in his conversation, he didn’t realize his movements had caused the cash to fall out of his pocket and onto the floor. Surveillance footage in the dining room caught the cash fall on tape, as well as Long leaving the restaurant empty handed, unbeknownst to him.

A Chick-fil-A employee, Jacob King, spotted the money on the floor 15 minutes after the attorney was long gone. He gathered up the cash, but rather than pocketing it, he decided to do something different.

“I picked it up, and I was a little worried that somebody was missing that much money,” King said, so he put it away in a safe, hoping whoever it belonged to would be come back looking for it. But he didn’t stop there.

Meanwhile, Long was at the bank, making the disheartening realization that he didn’t have the funds in hand he thought he had and must have made an expensive mistake somewhere along the way. Thinking all was lost and that there was no way anyone would return it to him in this day and age, he managed to remain calm, but he was understandably irritated at himself.

Long is also a Sunday school teacher and called on his faith in rationalizing the mistake, asking that God would make it good for someone else.

“I didn’t even think about backtracking, because I figured anybody who found the money, the way people need things now, it probably never was going to come back,” the religious man told WXIA. “I hoped that whoever got the money would need it. And I was satisfied with that. And I thought that if someone who found it needed it, it would be a blessing to me.”

King wanted to make sure whoever lost their cash got it back, so he sent the surveillance footage to the local news station, with a description of what happened. They aired it on the evening news that night, and thankfully, Long was watching.

Overjoyed at the assertive action to find him and return the $1200 to the rightful owner, Long explained all that is right in the world and in Chick-fil-A, saying, “That shows the goodness in him as well as the goodness in this establishment, that they have here good people.”

Thinking on the details of what it took for the established to do the right thing, he was even more impressed. “Good, honest people who are willing to work and to serve. And I can’t imagine what Chick-fil-A had to go through to find me, and they made a tremendous effort to find me and to make sure I got the money back,” he said.

Long’s attitude of gratitude and the honest actions of one young employee are what is good in society today. The world needs more of that. Faith in humanity has effectively been resorted in Georgia.

h/t: [TheBlaze]

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