Man Lures 4-Year-Old Into Basement, Family Discovers Their Worst Nightmare

Man Lures 4-Year-Old Into Basement, Family Discovers Their Worst Nightmare
Emanuel Doll (left), stock image of a bloody ax (right)

A young man, who was still living with his parents in Broomfield, Colorado, was instantly irritated when he discovered they had a young visitor. Instead of locking himself in his room to get away from the child who he seemed to think was an unnecessary annoyance, he decided to lure the innocent 4-year-old into the basement where it was only a matter of time before the family discovered their worst nightmare.

A young mother, who has remained unnamed, asked her parents to watch her 4-year-old son while she attended nursing school. Of course, the grandparents, Charlotte and Joseph Doll, had no problem spending time with their grandchild and eagerly offered to help. However, when the mother’s twin brother, Emanuel Doll, realized that his nephew was visiting, he wasn’t happy about it and decided to take matters into his own hands, luring the child into the basement.

It all began when Emanuel Doll spotted the innocent child sitting on the couch, playing on his iPad. Instead of letting the child be content, he asked him to come down to the basement with him. Of course, the child, who was undoubtedly bored, trustingly followed, although he would instantly regret his choice when he realized what his uncle had in his hands – an ax.

Moments later, the grandmother recalled hearing loud noises coming from the basement that sounded like a “pillowcase loaded with items hitting the floor,” according to Broomfield Enterprise, and she asked her son what it was. Of course, the sick man calmly assured her it was nothing and continued what he was doing to the boy. Sadly, several minutes later, Emanuel Doll came upstairs and went out the back door without the child or even uttering a single word.

As most anyone would, the grandmother went down to the basement searching for both her grandchild and to see what the sound had been. However, she walked into her worst nightmare when she saw the blood-soaked basement and her grandson’s lifeless body on the floor after Emanuel Doll murdered his own nephew with an ax.

The grandmother immediately called the police who would only arrive and confirm her greatest fear – her grandson was dead. They immediately arrested Emanuel Doll, who was simply relaxing in the backyard after murdering his own family member. “He is being held at the Broomfield jail without bail on a first-degree murder charge,” according to Pix 11.

When neighbors in the area heard what had happened, they were appalled. “Just a shock and it really takes a toll on you, on your heart,” neighbor David Platz explained. “It’s depressing to hear something like that.”

What happened to this innocent young boy by a relative who he trusted is truly sickening. He was only four-years-old and undoubtedly wanted nothing other than attention and love from his family. Instead of receiving the care he should have gotten from his uncle, he was instead met with a brutal and unnecessary death. Hopefully, Emanuel Doll will spend the rest of his life in prison being reminded of his sick actions against a child. I hope he’s prepared to spend an eternity in hell.

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