Man Points Out What’s On Woman’s Back, Saving Her From Painful Death

While shopping, a woman was a bit more than surprised when a stranger started talking to her. After being told about something ominous on her back, she immediately began to freak out.

Christine Burnie, 47, of West Auckland, New Zealand, states that she was out shopping just before Christmas at a hardware store when she was stopped by a complete stranger. “[He] said to me, ‘Excuse me, love, you know you have a black mole on your back you should be really concerned about,’” she went on to explain. “At first, I thought he was trying to hit on me — I thought, ‘That’s a nice line.’”

Stranger Tells Woman She Might Have Cancerous Mole
Christine Burnie (Photo source: Mail Online)

Unfortunately for her, he was dead serious. “He told me his niece had passed away at the age of 25, and I realized he was very genuine and very caring,” Christine went on to say. As just about anyone would do, she scheduled a doctor appointment – and that’s when she was hit with the news.

“After that I made an appointment to see the doctor, and then found out that it was malignant melanoma, and it was invasive,” Christine said. In short, she thought she was going to die.

Stranger Tells Woman She Might Have Cancerous Mole
Stock photo of black mole (left) and Christine Burnie (right) (Photo source: Mail Online)

However, after surgeons removed a patch of skin and ran another test, it looks as though she’s in the clear. “It’s not traveled, which is fantastic,” she noted. Now that everything has turned out for the better, Christine states that she’s eager to find the man who pointed it out to her.

“I just wanted to thank him for saving my life,” she said. “The doctor told me last week that had it been another six months, the outcome would have been totally different for me.” As it turns out, Christine is a single mother to a teenager and says that she was devastated after learning it was cancer.

Stranger Tells Woman She Might Have Cancerous Mole
Christine Burnie’s response to man who saved her life (Photo source: Stuff)

Wanting to show her appreciation to the man, she’s reached out publicly in hopes of him coming forward. According to her post on Neighbourly:

“Whoever you are that approached me — I am a mum with a young teenage boy. THANK YOU for saving my life. I am truly appreciative of your advice. THANK YOU THANK YOU SIR whoever you are.”

It’s a good thing this guy thought to say something, as Christine could have very well passed away from the ominous mark on her back that she was unaware of. This world can be a scary place at times, but it’s nice to hear that there are people out there willing to go the extra mile for one another.