After Man Rapes Girl, Cops Shocked By What She Did To Save Herself

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A man was in for bit more than he bargained after kidnapping a 13-year-old girl and raping her several times over the next few hours. However, things wouldn’t quite go as he had planned when his victim took matters into her own hands, shocking police with what she did to save herself from further abuse.

Timothy Marble (left), stock image for visual representation (right)

It all started when a 13-year-old girl ran away from her home in the wine country city of Napa, California. Unfortunately for her, this would be just the first in a long list of mistakes that would end in her rape and brutalization, forcing her to do something most of us couldn’t imagine in order to stop the vicious onslaught that had come her way.

According to Fox 10 Phoenix, the runaway called 50-year-old Timothy Marble to help her get away. Instead of alerting authorities to the minor’s whereabouts, the man quickly came to the gas station where she was located and drove her away to a quiet place that they could be uninterrupted for a little while. Unfortunately, he had sinister plans for the emotionally distressed teen.

Taking advantage of her age, immaturity, and emotional state, the two reportedly smoked marijuana together – and that’s when things took a turn for the worst. As police would later learn, Marble apparently got it in his head that he deserved a little something for helping the girl out and decided to ask her for sex.

When she declined, he forced himself upon her. The disgusting pervert then raped the girl several times over the next 27 hours, but her nightmare was far from over. After he was done brutalizing the child, he then injected her with methamphetamine before doing something even more unimaginable.

As the girl would later explain, Marble took a razor blade and carved his name into her leg while she was high on the drugs that were involuntarily injected into her system. Although it’s unclear what he intended to do next, Marble loaded his victim into the car and drove away from the scene – but that wasn’t the end of it.

Although it can’t be said whether or not this man meant to further victimize the teen at a later time or maybe even kill her, that’s exactly what she thought was going to happen, prompting her to take action. Once she got her wits about her again and realized that she was in a moving vehicle, the girl immediately opened the car door and jumped out.

From there, she made her way to a nearby gas station in Bodega Bay (more than 50 miles away from home) and called 911. Police officers quickly responded, and after learning what Marble had done to her, the girl was taken to an area hospital for treatment of her leg.

Marble was quickly found, thanks to a description of his vehicle, and he has since been arrested for kidnapping, sexually abusing a minor, and child abuse, along with 5 other charges. Fortunately, this pervert was caught, ensuring he couldn’t abuse his freedom further by victimizing anyone else.

Now, he’s headed to a place where abuse runs rampant and comes harshly to those who take advantage of the helpless. He’ll soon find out how he likes being the victim when the shoe is on the other foot after his fellow inmates find out exactly what he did.