People Shocked To See What Man Frantically Running On Field After VA Shooting Was Doing

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People Shocked To See What Man Frantically Running On Field After Va. Shooting Was Doing
Images from shooting in Virginia

Although most reports today seem to center around the shooter or victims of the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, it seems that there was another party at play here. As it turns out, a man was spotted frantically running around the field just after the gunshots stopped – and onlookers were left shocked to see what he was doing.

One can only imagine what the ensuing chaos was like as James T. Hodgkinson III opened fire on unsuspecting members of Congress. Unfortunately, 5 people were injured in the attack, but luckily, only the attempted killer would end up in a body bag.

Of course, the news has since been swirling as information trickles out pertaining to the victims, the man responsible, and his intentions. However, there is one thing that seems to be underreported as there was actually another person that is deserving of attention.

According to Young Conservatives, onlookers were shocked just after the gunfire ended to see one man frantically running around the field. As it turns out, that man was actually Rep. Brad Wenstrup, and what he was doing hasn’t gained the attention that it should have.

For those unaware, Wenstrup was a combat surgeon during the Iraq War, and he rushed out to see who needed medical attention. Immediately, he ran over to Congressman Steve Scalise and quickly began to administer life-saving first aid to the wounds sustained during the attack.

Wenstrup, a congressman from Cincinnati, Ohio, provided medical care to Rep. Scalise who was shot in the hip at about 7:15 AM as the GOP baseball team began practice at a field in Alexandria, Virginia, on Wednesday.

The Ohio Congressman told the media that Rep. Scalise was conscious and alert as he was trundled off to the hospital. “He was very brave,” Wenstrup said, according to WLWT Channel 5 in Cincinnati. [Source: Young Conservatives]

“Fortunately, there was security detail there and Capitol Hill police, or we all would have been vulnerable,” Wenstrup later added. “I’m sure they saved — who knows how many lives. Let’s pray for those who got hit today.” He lastly noted that the incident was “like being in Iraq again, only without his weapon.”

People Shocked To See What Man Frantically Running On Field After Va. Shooting Was Doing
Congressman Brad Wenstrup

As one would imagine, prayers and good wishes have flooded the internet for those wounded, but not all reactions have been positive. With the left trying to use the incident to strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights and even saying that these Republicans got what they deserved, it’s clear that the left is so blinded by their hatred that they have chosen political bias over humanity and compassion.

The left better get their act together because this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and is only hurting them in the long run. Rest assured, more people are waking up to the need to carry concealed every single day, and the morons who feel the need to carry out such attacks will find it increasingly difficult to inflict a high number of casualties. In fact, they may find themselves in a similar position to Hodgkinson – where the only person killed is the one wishing to inflict harm on the innocent.