[PHOTO] Man Runs Driver Off Road, Sign On Back Of Truck Has Police Involved

After dropping her daughter off at daycare, a woman was beyond shocked when a truck began honking at her and later ran her off the road. However, it wasn’t until he was speeding away that she saw a sign on the back of his truck that explained why he was acting in such a way – and what it said has police involved.

Douglas Mackbee states that his wife was dropping off their daughter at daycare in Minneapolis, Minnesota, when a man began honking at her. Saying that he’s come forward as his wife is afraid of retaliation, Douglas went on to explain, “She noticed a vehicle on her left side in the left lane was honking non-stop.”

“She noticed that the driver of the vehicle was looking directly at her,” he went on to say. “They were pointing at her. They were yelling.” However, things only got worse as she tried to let the truck pass.

According to WCCO, “He said his wife slowed down and the driver of the truck did the same. His wife then sped up and the driver of the truck followed.”

Eventually, Ms. Mackabee was run off the road, even hitting the curb, before the truck drove off – but that’s when she saw it. As it turns out, the truck had a sign on the back that had the N-word in it. Realizing that she was forced off the road because of the color of her skin, the police were called, but the woman and her husband were disappointed when the authorities said they couldn’t do anything about it because it was a civil dispute.

Not willing to let it go, Douglas released a Facebook post to not only warn fellow drivers of the threat, but to ask for help identifying the man responsible. Just two days later, someone posted a picture of the truck, and sure enough, the racial slur was out there for everyone to see and essentially forced law enforcement to become involved.

“City council members were being tagged, multiple police precincts,” Douglas said. “I think the Minneapolis Police Department figured this was something they needed to pay attention to.”

Woman Run Off Road By Truck With N-Word On Back
(Photo Source: Facebook)

Oddly enough, this wasn’t the first time the racist driver did such a thing, as police learned of a second incident in which the same series of events played out. According to Opposing Views, “[T]he same truck was seen trying to run people over on a sidewalk.”

In hopes of getting some help from the public, police have since come forward with a description of the driver, saying he’s a middle-aged white man with a long red beard. Furthermore, the passenger in the truck was a younger, clean-shaven man.

Despite what the left has to say about whites being naturally racist, that’s just not the case. However, those of us on the right have never denied that actual racism still exists — although not to the degree the race baiters would normally have us believe. Nonetheless, those few cases, where racism does show its ugly self, need to be shut down immediately because there is no room in a civilized society for it. These men ought to be ashamed of themselves, and when caught, I hope a judge throws the book at them.