Man Saves Drowning Toddler, Onlookers Horrified To Learn What’s Left Behind

Man Saves Drowning Toddler, Onlookers Horrified To Learn What's Left Behind
Clinton River where the boy fell in (left), Joshua Traylor and the toddler (right)

A man from Michigan had taken his girlfriend and her 3-year-old son to feed the ducks at a local river when their afternoon took a turn for the worse. Unfortunately, the toddler fell in the water, leaving one man no other option than to jump in the river to save the boy. However, nearby onlookers were left horrified to learn what had been left behind during the heroic rescue.

Joshua Traylor and his girlfriend had decided to take her 3-year-old son for a walk and to feed the ducks at Clinton River. Unfortunately, they never could have predicted how their casual stroll would end. Of course, Traylor instinctively jumped into the water to save the toddler, but there was just one major flaw in his heroic plan — he couldn’t swim.

Luckily, a nearby onlooker heard the commotion and immediately went over to investigate. Once he arrived, he quickly jumped in and removed the boy from the water. However, while the onlooker was saving the young boy, Traylor’s girlfriend had jumped in to save her boyfriend, but she was unable to locate him. In fact, once the onlooker was finished rescuing the boy, he was left horrified to learn that Traylor never resurfaced and he was left somewhere in the river.

Man Saves Drowning Toddler, Onlookers Horrified To Learn What's Left Behind
Joshua Traylor (Image Source: Inside Edition)

Once emergency personnel arrived on the scene, they immediately sent in a dive team to search for Traylor. Unfortunately, nearly an hour after the boy slipped in the water, the heroic man’s body was found underwater. He had drowned trying to save his girlfriend’s son from his very own fate and was pronounced dead when he arrived at the hospital.

“[He] is my hero,” the boy’s mother explained, according to Inside Edition. “I know this man loved me like no other … [He] jumped in a river with me to save my son my son. My son is 3 years old and this man has been in my son’s life since he couldn’t even walk.”

Parenting can be a difficult endeavor, solely because there are threats lurking everywhere. Unfortunately, this simple and fun family activity resulted in the death of a loved one, after the toddler slipped into the water. This only goes to prove that accidents can happen at any time, and parents should be prepared for the worst, always keeping an eye out for possible dangers.

Had the little boy been further away from the edge or wearing a safety vest, there’s a greater chance that Traylor would still be alive today. Although he may have passed, there’s no better way to have died than by being a child’s hero. We may feel silly for “over protecting” our children, but it’s better to be safe than sorry — you never know when an accident can happen.

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