Man SHOCKED To Turned Around & See What New Boots Were Leaving Behind

A hardworking man thought it was time for some new boots and decided to purchase a pair online. Unfortunately, he never saw what was coming next as he was later left in absolute shock to turn around and see the sinister thing his new footwear had left behind everywhere he’d been that day.

The entire ordeal was recently posted to Reddit after user FRSHFSHFCKR decided to buy a new pair of boots made by a company called Polar Fox. However, he states that he later would come to regret his choice after missing one critical thing about the footwear.

New Boots Left Man In HORROR As He Turned Around & Saw What He Left Behind
(Source: Amazon)

The man’s shocking discovery occurred after wearing his new boots for the first time – and all it took was a simple puddle on a “rainy day” to leave him disgusted. Before long, the man turned around to see what he’d been leaving behind all day – swastikas.

Unfortunately, it appears as though the design team at Polar Fox didn’t realize that a shape they put in the tread on the sole of the shoe was similar to the symbol the Nazi’s made infamous. In turn, when the shoes get wet, the tracks left behind are littered with the mark.

New Boots Left Man In HORROR As He Turned Around & Saw What He Left Behind
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Retailing for about $40 on Amazon, it doesn’t look like anyone else has noticed the concerning markings on the bottom of the boots. Of course, Reddit merely responded with a million “I did NAZI that coming” jokes, but some were left wondering how something this obvious could slip through a company’s creation process, though one user, MuricaPersonified, did stumble across something odd:

Huh, so apparently theses are made by a company called Columbia… Read the history of their company here:

We’re a family business gone global. Chairman Gert Boyle’s parents — German nationals who fled Nazi Germany in 1938 — purchased a small hat company upon their arrival in Portland and named it Columbia Hat Company, after the river that inspired their new home. This humble beginning was of huge significance to the family, marking new found freedom and a fresh start. Her husband later took over, and after he died Gert ran the show, going from housewife to executive overnight. Today, her son Tim Boyle is our longtime president and CEO. The family — like our business — has experienced its ups and downs, but enjoying the outdoors together has always been integral to its success. [Source: Reddit]

The user then went on to point out the parent company’s logo, saying, “I’m not so sure this is coincidence”:

New Boots Left Man In HORROR As He Turned Around & Saw What He Left Behind

Although the man who noticed the shocking design has yet to say if he’s going to return the boots, I don’t think this is a pair of boots I’d be wearing in public. Happenstance or not, this company should probably rethink their design.

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