Man Snaps Pic Of His Pregnant Wife, Couldn’t Believe What Else It Caught

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Florida beaches frequently host all manner of odd occurrences, but one couple didn’t expect anything unusual would end up in their impromptu pregnancy photo shoot. As soon as a husband snapped the picture of his 9-months pregnant wife, he realized the unbelievable scene he caught with it that his wife was completely unaware of while posing.

While visiting Atlantic Beach, Angeline and Dan Mozer found the picture perfect spot to take some maternity shots, on the white sand with the sparkling blue ocean in the background. Angeline walked down to the water’s edge and posed for a few snapshots for her husband, who is not a professional photographer. But what he captured, made for the most memorable keepsake this couple will have for a lifetime.

Typically, the mom-to-be is the center of attention of any pregnancy portrait, but Angeline was beautifully photobombed, when a dolphin leaped out of the water at the exact second Dan clicked the photo. “When I took it, I was like, ‘Oh, my God!’ Unfortunately, she totally missed it,” the 30-year-old expectant father told Yahoo Parenting.

Man Snaps Pic Of His Pregnant Wife, Couldn't Believe What Else It Caught
Angeline Mozer in her amazing shot taken by her husband Dan

The perfectly timed photo almost looks as though the majestic animal was superimposed, when in fact, it was just total luck. The Mozers are expecting their first born, a boy who they plan on naming Courtland Thomas, but some who saw the photo have joked that the dolphin is a sign they need to reconsider the name to something more aquatic. “And, no,” Dan joked. “We’re not changing his name, as some have suggested, to Dolph Finn.”

Man Snaps Pic Of His Pregnant Wife, Couldn't Believe What Else It Caught
Progress pictures of the dolphin jumping out of the water

Angeline was happy to share the shot with such an incredible creature and will always have something special to share with her son. How awesome that her husband managed to capture this for his family, a once in a lifetime shot that happened in the snap of a second. Perhaps this is a sign that little Courtland Thomas is going to do something amazing in life.

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