Man Spots Something Odd In Toilet, Shocked As Neighbor Pulls Out 6-Feet Of Horror

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Of all the places to find something odd, your toilet is probably one of the worst, but that’s exactly what happened to one man recently. When the elderly gentleman from Lattimore, North Carolina, spotted something inside his toilet bowl, he decided to enlist the help of his neighbor. However, nothing could have prepared him or viewers who would later see the viral video for the moment his neighbor pulled out 6-feet of horror.

Man Spots Something Odd In Toilet, Shocked As Neighbor Pulls Out 6-Feet Of Pure Horror
Mike Greene (left), his neighbor’s toilet bowl (right) (Photo Credit: Mike Greene/Facebook)

When the 88-year-old man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, noticed something inside his toilet, he immediately enlisted the help of his kind neighbor, Mike Greene. Of course, as anyone who has a generous heart would do, Greene happily obliged his elderly friend’s request for help. However, nothing could have prepared either of the men or all the viewers on Facebook for the 6-feet of pure horror hiding inside the toilet bowl — and many of us will be hesitant each time we sit on the throne after seeing it.

Since Greene captured the entire incident on video and was kind enough to share the experience with all of his friends on Facebook, we all get to experience the ordeal, which is nothing short of frightening to many of us. The video, which is only gaining in popularity, has left every viewer stunned when they realized that Greene removed a six-foot-long snake from his neighbor’s toilet. In fact, people were so shocked over the occurrence, it has already been viewed over five million times.

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Posted by Mike Greene on Thursday, August 17, 2017

As it turns out, this wasn’t the first time a snake slithered its way into the home. In fact, Greene has removed three others for the elderly man and has become somewhat of a pro in the eyes of his neighbor, who is terrified of them. “He lives alone,” said Greene. “He’s in very good health, very good shape, but he don’t do snakes.”

As can be seen on the video, the snake is enormous. “Well look how big he is, Mike,” the elderly man can be heard saying on the video. “Golly, I told you he was big.” However, the size didn’t deter Greene for even an instant. Fortunately, it only took him a few minutes to grab and remove the pest from the home entirely before releasing it into a nearby field where the snake will undoubtedly feel more at home.

“Experts say six of North Carolina’s 37 snake species are venomous, three of which are found in the Piedmont area,” according to WCNC. “They say sightings of the slithering serpents are on the rise because mild winters have led to an abundance of bugs, rodents, and toads, which snakes eat.”

However, Greene reports that the snake he removed from his neighbor’s toilet was harmless, and he’d help him again if another showed up. “Oh yeah, he can count on me for a rescue,” said Greene.

Although it’s rather shocking that the large snake was hiding in the man’s toilet, no one would want that in their home. There’s no doubt that people who have a fear of snakes – and perhaps even those who don’t – will be checking their toilets before they sit down to go to the bathroom after seeing this. The last thing anyone needs or wants is to have a snake bite their backside when they’re indisposed. However, if the problem should arise, hopefully, you have a kind neighbor like Greene who will step in to help. That man deserves a round of applause.