Man Swiftly Fired After What Guy Was Doing To His Butt Outside Walgreens

Man Swiftly Fired After What Guy Was Doing To His Butt Outside Walgreens
Walgreens, Lafayette Stone (inset)

A pair of men and one woman were spotted outside a New Mexico Walgreens, when some strange behavior unfolded involving one of the men’s backsides. Store staff saw what happened and didn’t hesitate to terminate their employee who was involved.

John Garcia was on the job at the Albuquerque store when he looked outside and saw what Lafayette Stone was doing. Without a second of hesitation, he was out the door and quickly fired for what he did just feet from his now former employer. Now, two weeks later, he got his job back that some say he should have never lost in the first place.

A woman had just gotten in her car and started driving away when Stone attempted to carjack her. He opened her driver’s side door and pulled her out, before dragging her about 10 feet, according to KOAT. That’s when Garcia saw what was happening and bolted to the victim’s rescue. With the help of a customer, he managed to pull Stone out of the car and held him in the lot until police arrived. When cops got to the scene, things started to get weird, as Stone put his hands down his pants and made an announcement.

Garcia felt good about his actions, sparing the woman from losing her car to this thief and getting hurt worse than she did.  But his managers didn’t see it as a good thing, claiming he put other employees in danger. “I just did what any normal human would do,” Garcia told the news station about his heroic act.

Man Swiftly Fired After What Guy Was Doing To His Butt Outside Walgreens
John Garcia

As officers were standing with Stone outside the Walgreens, getting the incident report before hauling him off to jail, they noticed him putting his hands down his pants and fumbling around. They asked what on earth he was doing, when the suspect proclaimed, “I’m getting drugs out of my butt!” Sure enough, the gold he was digging for was in there, as officers had the disgusting task of recovering a small bag with what appeared to be crystal meth. But the search didn’t stop there.

The first bag of drugs led to more, when he was asked if he was hiding any more in or on his person. “I might have some up my anus,” Stone said, according to KOB. He wasn’t lying either, since another bag was pulled out, which contained black tar heroin.

After stopping a suspect like this, Garcia was still out of a job. Stone was arrested on unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, aggravated battery, controlled substance violation of a schedule 1,2,3, and tampering with evidence. Then, the corporate office found out about the manager’s ridiculous decision.

More than two weeks after helping a stranger, getting a bad guy off the street, and being fired for it, Garcia got his job back following “additional review” by corporate authorities. Surprisingly, he went back to work where he was wrongfully fired from in the first place, rather than starting fresh somewhere else, at a place that respects employees protecting other people.

While it’s understandable for businesses to not want their sales employees going on rogue vigilante missions, such as chasing after a suspected shoplifter, what Garcia did needs to be celebrated. He saw the crime unfolding in broad daylight, with there being no doubt that this woman was in danger, and acted as a real man should. That’s the kind of employee Walgreens should give a raise, not just reinstate his position after their bad decision.