Man Traumatized After Walking Into Unexpected Scene At Mama’s House

Randall Thomas Dorsett rolled up to a rural Texas house that he assumed was vacant and let himself inside. Dorsett entered the kitchen from the garage, but he walked into an unexpected scene that left him traumatized for life.

Stock image of a home on Overland Stage Road in Dripping Springs, Texas (background); Randall Thomas Dorsett (inset)

Randall Thomas Dorsett has seemingly become accustomed to doing whatever he wants, going where he doesn’t belong and taking things that don’t belong to him, all because he’s probably had a lot of excuses made for his poor behavior over the years. However, he was met with something he’ll never forget when he went into the Dripping Springs home late Monday night, and it was long overdue.

After his failed attempt to enter through the front door, he didn’t just walk back down the long dark driveway. Instead, he went around to the garage, where he gained entry into the home. This afforded the mother who was inside with her three children – ages 9, 14, and 17 – enough time to set the perfect scene for her unwelcome late night guest.

According to KEYE, the bold mother had a little surprise waiting for the 25-year-old intruder, which was a single shot to the gut from her locked and loaded handgun. The woman was home alone with her children, but she was unafraid of the threat since she was armed with all she needed to eliminate it with a single shot heard throughout the house.

The homeowner says she saw a man unknown to her exit a vehicle in the driveway and approach her front door, which was locked. The man, identified as Randall Thomas Dorsett, 25, began to move the door handle, trying to gain entry, but he was unsuccessful.

According to the Sheriff’s Office, Dorsett then breached the garage and entered the home through the kitchen, where he was met by the homeowner, who was armed with a handgun.

The homeowner demanded he leave the home several times. She told deputies that she became increasingly fearful of the Dorsett’s intentions toward her and her children. The homeowner fired one shot at Dorsett, striking him in the abdomen.

Her non-lethal force left a mark for Dorsett to remember her by, and hopefully, it will serve as a reminder to not pay the residential game of Russian roulette, especially in the Second Amendment strong state of Texas. Dorsett was air-lifted to Brackenridge Hospital with injuries physicians described as a “through and through” gunshot wound, Fox7 reports. Although he’s expected to make a full recovery, he’s going to feel the error of his ways for some time.

The Hays County Sheriff’s Office said they intend to pour necessary salt into that deserved wound by charging Dorsett with burglary. He’s lucky he’s still alive and should be slapped with a stronger offense than simple burglary, but hopefully, that shot to the stomach will sting for a long time.

When homeowners take self-defense into their own hands like this, it results in fewer crimes being committed. If felons know that instant justice is real and more serious than what the court system will do, it’s a risk many may not want to take. No amount of gun control will trump my right to protect myself and my family. This incident is another reason our Forefathers created the Second Amendment to the Constitution and why we need to keep it.