Man Writes 6 Words On Friend’s Political Post, Then Sees What’s In His Yard

Man Writes 6 Words On Friend's Political Post, Then Sees What's In His Yard
Gary Barry

A conservative Ohio man was scrolling through his social media news feed, when a friend’s post about Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders caught his eye. Without hesitation, he weighed in with his 6 word opinion, not thinking much of it until he saw what showed up in his yard.

It’s unclear which candidate Gary Barry plans to support with his vote, but one thing is for sure, he’s not a fan of Bernie or Hillary, and who can blame him? So, when a friend from Columbus announced on her Facebook account that the two Democratic candidates would be appearing at Ohio State University on Sunday for a CNN debate, he jokingly responded to the post with an off the cuff remark.

“I jokingly said, ‘Where do I send the bomb?’” Barry told WCMH Wednesday evening. He thought he was just being funny, but others commenting on the post didn’t feel the same. Not long later, he learned that such “hate speech” is only meant for anti-Trump protesters to say and get away with doing, despite the fact that they actually mean it and Gary did not.

At least one overly sensitive social media user, who we can only assume is a liberal, took Gary’s joke as a terroristic threat and reported it to the Secret Services. While Gary was in town and away from home a couple of days after the comment was made, Gary’s son was at home and called his dad to let him know that two armed men were right outside their house, claiming to be with the Secret Service. Happy-go-lucky Gary thought his son was kidding, but sure enough, the men were there waiting for him when he got home.

Man Writes 6 Words On Friend's Political Post, Then Sees What's In His Yard
Gary’s reply on Facebook and the responses that came from it.

For the next 30-minutes after coming home to see what was the matter, Gary and his wife found themselves at the center of an interrogation. They were forced to answer pointed questions from investigators, asking if they are racist, anti-Muslim, or have ever considered assassinating the president. The answers to these questions should have already been known, since Gary said they knew every other minor detail about the couple, including where his father used to work.

Eventually, they were set free from the interrogation, but a United States Secret Service officer in Columbus confirmed with WCMH that an investigation into Gary’s comment is still ongoing. While sincere threats should be taken seriously, something is amiss about this specific situation. Why was nothing remotely done to the Black Lives Matter thugs who threatened to kill Trump and created riots at his rallies, yet the Secret Service went to great lengths to investigate a man’s remark that was clearly a joke?

Nobody sincerely planning to blowing up a Democrat rally would announce it like that on a friend’s Facebook post. Not to mention, havoc at political events like this is an action from liberal supporters. Those who directly advocate for the murder of Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and the other current and former GOP candidates are ignored by the media and Federal Law Enforcement, who are wasting their time on ridiculous remarks like Gary’s. The attention on who is really the threat is grossly misappropriated.

h/t: [KRON]