Marine Beat By Thugs, Recalls 6 Words They Kept Repeating When He Woke Up

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A famous Marine was recently sitting at his local McDonald’s when he was approached by a group of thugs who apparently wanted to have more than just a little chat. Unfortunately, he was beaten unconscious by the thugs, but he started piecing things together when he woke up a short while later and remembered the 6 words they kept repeating.

The incident took place in Washington, D.C., when Christopher Marquez went to McDonald’s to grab a bite to eat. For those unaware, Chris was one of the three men in a rather famous photo, and he even received the Bronze Star for valor after serving in the Iraq war.

Marine Beat By Thugs Asking About Black Lives Matter
Sgt. Maj Brad Kasal being carried to safety by Chris Marquez (left) and Dane Shaffer (right) in Fallujah (Photo Source: The Blaze)

However, since coming home, a few feral thugs decided to show their appreciation for his sacrifice in quite the disgusting way. According to Chris, he was minding his own business when a few black men approached him and asked him, “Do you believe black lives matter?”

The Marine simply ignored the group, only to have them later call him a racist and leave. Thinking that was the end of it, Chris finished his meal and left the restaurant – but that’s when things took a turn. While walking to his car, the man was sucker-punched from behind and would later wake up in the parking lot all alone.

Marine Beat By Thugs Asking About Black Lives Matter
Christopher Marquez (Photo Source: WJLA)

To make matters worse, “the vet awoke to find his pants ripped and his wallet, which contained $400, three credit cards, his VA medical card, school identification, metro card and driver’s license, missing,” according to The Blaze.

“I remember this group of teens harassing me while I was eating, they surrounded my table and kept on asking me ‘Do you believe black lives matter?’” Chris would later tell The Daily Caller. “Then they started calling me a racist. I can’t recall if they were saying anything else to me at this moment because the blow to my head really screwed up my memory.”

He would later find out that the thugs used his credit card and spent $115 at a liquor store, Five Guys, and Walmart.  “I believe this was a hate crime, and I was targeted because of my skin color,” the veteran went on to say. “Too many of these types of attacks have been happening against white people by members of the black community and the majority of the mainstream media refuses to report on it.”