Former Marine Confirms Hillary Hired Him To SILENCE One Woman For Good

Hillary Clinton’s past is coming back to haunt her as one former Marine, who was hired by the Clintons, confirms that Hillary ordered him to harass and potentially silence one woman for good. It’s a shocking story the mainstream media refuses to cover, but we have the proof that Hillary’s sick plan to harm women is far worse than anyone ever knew.

Kathleen Willey (left), Hillary Clinton (middle), Jared K. Stern (right)

Most people are familiar with Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades, but what many may not realize is the extent of Hillary Clinton’s ruthless plan to further victimize the many women he sexually assaulted. The Clintons decided to settle the sexual assault lawsuit of one of Bill’s accusers, Paula Jones, out of court, paying her $850,000, proving the veracity of Jones’ claims and giving credence to the many other women who accused Bill.

Those other women were in Hillary’s way, and she took action to ensure their claims went away for good. Jared K. Stern, a former Marine and Intelligence Officer, came forward in 1999 after he was contacted by a Hillary staffer to meet in an underground garage. Stern’s cryptic comments insinuate that he was tasked to target Kathleen Willey, one of the women Bill Clinton allegedly sexually assaulted.

Stern said, “I met him [a Hillary staffer] in this underground garage, we discussed ‘the tasking’ then I left to carry it out.” Stern won’t discuss exactly what he was hired to do, but he was so uneasy about it and felt compelled to immediately contact Kathleen Willey and warn her using the alias “Kirk.”

“My name is Kirk. And I just want to warn you, there are people out there who want to hurt you. I will call you back tomorrow night.” [via Hook Magazine]

Stern has remained silent on which staffer met him, but what we can piece together that it was an order directly from Hillary. Stern went on to say, “This is just not an anomaly with the Clintons, this is what they do,” speaking about using hired muscle to harm their detractors. Former Clinton advisor Dick Morris confirms this:

“I parted ways with the Clintons when I learned Hillary was using private dectectives to investiagte the women linked to her husband. Not to change him [Bill] not to reform him or make him a better person but to cow the women into silence.” [via YouTube]

Kathleen Willey has proof from the police reports that she filed that she was not only being harassed, but she feared for her life. The FBI took her seriously after they investigated and found her cat was killed, her tires were flattened, and she received several phone calls threatening her life and the lives of her kids.

Dick Morris (left), Jared K. Stern, former Marine & intelligence officer (right)

One man in a hoodie ran into Willey while she was walking her dog and said to her, “Hey Kathleen did you ever find your cat? That Bullseye [her cat’s name] was a really nice cat. You’re not getting the message are you?”

A few weeks later, Willey found the skull of a cat on her porch and all four tires on her car had been flattened by a nail gun. The message from Hillary was clear, if Willey spoke out about Bill sexually assaulting her, she may end up dead.

Attorney Larry Klayman, who worked in the U.S. Justice Department, said:

“Hillary Clinton started what was called the ‘war room.’ This is was in the campaign of 1992, which elected her husband. George Stephanopoulos was part of that. James Carville was part of it. And the purpose of the war room — and Stephanopoulos … of course … doesn’t want to discuss this — was to destroy any woman that would challenge Bill Clinton, because she knew, undoubtedly, that if her husband didn’t make it to the White House, that someday she wouldn’t make it to the White House.”

If anyone doubts that Hillary would engage intelligence officers in taking out anyone who stood in her way to achieving her political goals, all we have to do is remember her words to the State Department about Julian Assange. Hillary coldly told State Department officials, “Can’t we just drone this guy? ”

This is who Hillary Clinton is, and there are so many Americans who have no idea that this woman is a sick sociopath who will stop at nothing to become president. Hillary’s campaign is out to cast Donald Trump as a misogynist and a woman-hater when, the truth is, Hillary used her position of power to order intelligence officers to stalk and harm Kathleen Willey. We are sure Willey is not the only one either.

If Bill Clinton did not sexually assault all these women, then why would they have settled a case for $850,000 and why would Hillary send “private investigators,” aka Intelligence Officers, with instructions so scary Jared K. Stern felt he needed to warn Kathleen Willey? Hillary can deny it all she wants, but she’s a monster and so many of those who have crossed the Clintons have ended up dead.

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