They Wanted Martin Short & Steve Martin To Trash Trump, Watch What They Did Instead

If you’re a celebrity, you’re pretty much expected to use your platform to trash the president and members of his administration. Comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short certainly felt the pressure to bash Donald Trump, just like their colleagues, but watch what they did instead.

Comedians Steve Martin and Martin Short  (Photo Credit: Screen Capture/Netflix/YouTube)

Steve Martin and Martin Short are two of the most timeless comedians alive today. Unlike Jimmy Kimmel and Samantha Bee, they still know how to crack a good joke without alienating half the crowd. In an interview this week, they revealed their secret to success — no Trump bashing.

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Steve Martin and Martin Short said when fans come to their stand-up comedy show, they shouldn’t expect to hear President Donald Trump’s name because “we’re not here to preach.”

“Before the election, we did a lot of Trump material, a lot of political material, and it was fine,” Martin shared with IndieWire on Wednesday. “After the election, you started to hear comments from the audience, whether it was a yay or a boo, and we said, ‘We don’t want that. We’re not here to preach.'”

“So we started limiting the divisive political material from the act because you get that on late-night TV,” Martin added. “It’s not something you want to pay [for]. We’re just trying to be funny.”

“When it comes to politics, you don’t want to make half the audience feel like they’re inappropriate,” Short explained. “So even when we’re doing Jiminy Glick, we try to go back and forth.”

“For me, it’s not my forte,” Martin interjected, sharing that political commentary just isn’t his thing. “I’m not known as a political comedian for a reason. I actually made a choice a long, long time ago. I just feel it takes the audience out of the show a little bit.”

According to The Daily Caller, the legendary duo is currently traveling the country as part of their “An Evening You Will Forget For the Rest of Your Life” tour which they promise has “40 to 50 percent” new material compared to their Emmy-nominated Netflix special.

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Comedian Kevin Hart recently expressed the same sentiment. After Kathy Griffin called Hart a “p*ssy” in an interview with USA Today because “he doesn’t even mention Trump,” a source close to Hart told Fox News that he doesn’t speak about the president because “people are tired of the political banter from comedians.”

“Kathy is the last person on Kevin’s mind, believe me,” said the source. “Everyone has something to say about Donald Trump, and that’s the reason Kevin isn’t speaking on him. Kevin honestly feels the Trump bits are overused and knows that people are tired of the political banter from comedians.”

“Going after people isn’t Kevin’s style, and he isn’t into telling people what they should or shouldn’t think about the president,” the source added. “Kevin would much rather stick to what he already does well, and that’s telling jokes that resonate with people on a personal level.”

Griffin’s career took a nosedive last year after she posted a photo of herself holding Donald Trump’s bloody decapitated head. She is now trying to revive it with her new comedy tour, “Laugh Your Head Off.”

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While there are still the usual suspects out there who have completely given up on comedy in their incessant quest to smear President Trump at all costs, it appears that many of the better comedians are starting to wise up. We don’t pay for tickets to their movies and shows to be lectured. No wonder Steve Martin and Martin Short are such a timeless duo — they know what their audience wants and they won’t allow an agenda to stand in the way of delivering a solid performance.

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