Marvel Director Slams Gun Owners During Christmas — Gets Quickly Humiliated

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Scott Derrickson, director of Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange, took to Twitter this holiday season to virtue signal. In a single tweet, he bashed the president, his supporters, the Second Amendment, and his own family. But this Hollywood liberal underestimated how red-blooded patriots would respond to his bogus and vile tweet.

The director of Doctor Strange didn’t make any fans with his Christmas tweet. (Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

After everything that’s happened, you’d think Hollywood liberals would just keep their mouths shut. I guess when you work in an industry that is fueled by ego and sex abuse, you don’t understand this simple concept.

Over the last few years, we’ve seen Hollywood stars meltdown over politics. From comedians to actors to producers, the biggest and brightest celebrities have lost all credibility over their hatred of Donald Trump and his supporters.

It comes as no surprise that many of these people, who insult the president in the vilest ways, suffer career setbacks. What kind of hits has Robert DeNiro produced since his all-out attack on Trump? How about Meryl Streep after her bogus rant against the president? Amy Schumer made politics a central focus of her comedy. She has since produced one bomb after another.

James Gunn spent plenty of time viciously attacking Trump supporters online, only to be outed for his inexcusable tweets and comments endorsing pedophilia. His career at Disney was quickly tanked.

I can go on and on. Celebrities in Hollywood that engage in a full assault against the president and his supporters soon suffer serious setbacks in their careers. Yet they continue to preach to us, condemning us for standing up for conservative values and beliefs.

The latest Hollywood moron to doom his career is Scott Derrickson. He had a promising career, directing Marvel’s Doctor Strange film. Getting to work in Hollywood’s most successful franchise is no small opportunity. Derrickson might continue working with Marvel or perhaps get other big opportunities, thanks to that film.

But he decided to destroy his future prospects by alienating a massive portion of the country. At Christmas — of all times — he took to Twitter to bash his Trump-supporting brother-in-all. While doing so, he insulted NRA members and anyone that believes in the Second Amendment.

“Doctor Strange” director Scott Derrickson had one of those difficult conversations after Christmas dinner and decided to share it with all of us in the holiday spirit:

We honestly wonder how hunter and Christian Chris Pratt manages to work at Marvel Studios — maybe they don’t talk politics at work and save it for family holidays? [Source: Twitchy]

Marvel/Disney might embrace jack-booted leftists like Derrickson, but much of America does not.

Derrickson’s tweet expressed everything wrong with arrogant liberals. He slanders conservatives and Trump supporters, connecting them with the actions of a few. Like all bigots, he blames a trend on people not even remotely connected to it.

It’s a sleazy, deceptive tactic that Democrats are quite good at using.

I don’t know what possessed Derrickson to post this tweet. Did he really think he would receive nothing but praise from his adoring followers? Maybe he thought that only liberals followed him. Or that conservatives would be shamed into silence.

Regardless of the case, he thought he’d be safe, thanks to the liberal bubble most Hollywood celebs live in. He spewed the same tired lies they all repeat — so he’ll be rewarded instead of punished. He wasn’t counting on legions of patriots, ready to school him with the facts.

Ouch. I’m guessing Derrickson didn’t bother to respond to these reasonable and hilarious replies. In fact, looks like the “brave” director took down his original tweet in shame. I guess he wasn’t counting on conservatives responding with facts and basic common sense.

But will Derrickson learn from this and keep his mouth shut? Or will he double down on his toxic hatred for conservatives? Will he continue to spread divisive hate and lies, just to get brownie points from his buddies in Hollywood? If so, he might be looking at an all-out boycott.

If Marvel is smart, they’ll be looking for a new person to direct Doctor Strange 2. Hollywood directors should keep their opinions to themselves.